SEO Atlanta

I know of a small business that specializes in point of sale repair. I offered to help them reach the first page on Google. The owner a business friend of mine politely told me that the lady that built their website was handling it. Works for me I concluded.

My idea was then I'd work an agreement with them that I would get a commission on all new business I sent them. The owners agreed to a percentage of any new customers I brought them. Now I can make some extra money and not do much more than build a blog and be the first point of contact.

The money was sitting there and I had to figure it out. I bought a simple domain name. Google doesn't like direct named blogs or websites. Typically they kick them down below the first fifteen pages to keep from this being the norm. Google wants you to pay for keywords to lift you to the top pages. Google wants us to use meta tags and keywords and our description as well as content to naturally lift a website to the first page. I can accept that.

I bought a domain name at Google or Go-Daddy. I spend ten dollars.

I go for a direct match. A direct match is search term that is what you and or I are using to find whatever we are looking for on the internet.

As an example copy the term below into a new Google search window and search.

mobile mechanic atlanta

Look for http://mobilemechanicatlanta.com/

home gutter cleaning atlanta

Those my friends are direct matches.

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Paypal Alternative

Someone wants to pay me money and use POPMoney.

April 14th at 2PM I began to figure out what in the world is this all about.
I've heard of Paypal but what the heck is POPMoney?

Well I have linked a YouTube video.

Send anyone anywhere money to their bank from yours. Up to a $5,000.00 a month.

Using a cell phone number or an email and away you go.
The bank account you use does not have to be set up for online banking.

Costs them .95 each transaction. Less than a dollar sure beats Paypal.

It is great Paypal is separate from Ebay.

Just as slow as Paypal so they are making money off the money sitting in they're account interest free. I don't care really just save me money on the fees.

Thank you


LINK Two                <

Cell Phone Paid Off Want to Change Carriers

Today according to the News unlocking the cell phone that has been paid for is now allowable. Apparently the FCC has listened and we are free to move on.

Free to run with it.

Click Here to read more.


It is now time for EBid to take over the auction industry.

Ebay is worried about profits and using the DSR's they have destroyed the small businesses of the world.

Low DSR's and the seller looses their 20% discount.

Ebid is ready to take over.

Do it now before another auction site comes up.


File Hippo Review filehippo review

Update: File Hippo Yes I'll down load a program but it is sad how they are screwing their

biggest fans. US.   Piss on File Hippo

Norton all versions does not find the internet attacks nor does it stop where ever it is or was on my laptop. Norton paid in full didn't find it and the money paid was refunded. McAfee didn't find it.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0.4 

Avira Free Antivirus


So I burned a few copies of some files and wiped the drive. 

File Hippo or I guess FileHippo was introduced it me a few years ago. A great website to download software. 

They offer a program that automatically searches your device and updates it 

Piss on File Hippo

Using my laptop I installed the program months ago and once in a while updates occurred and then a week ago I begin getting pop ups. Piss on FileHippo  Crap like warning your system may be infected call 1-800-Infected. These people are in some foreign land and they offer to log onto your system and repair it. 

Yesterday I called 1-800-your-dicked and asked the Windows (crap) technician to give me his checking account and password and let me in there to look for issues. He refused.

I then went back to File Hippo and down loaded a program to remove the spy ware off my laptop. Worked like a champ but lost one file and ultimately I'll end up loosing everything due to forced re-installation of Windows 7. 

Piss on File Hippo

Someone made a comment and states that people like me are lazy. Going to one website that offers a one stop shop to get free software and updates. This person is an idiot. 

Occasionally I type in the name of the website or company then follow it with the word review.

Microsoft Windows 7 defender will not find the File Hippo spyware!
McAfee doesn't see them. 

Piss on File Hippo

Spybot is still scratching their butts asking for donations and finds nothing.:

Today I did that and surprise File Hippo is installing tracking software to enhance profits.

filehippo.com traffic and earnings

Purchase/Sale Value:$27,261,698 USD
Daily Revenue:$74,690 USD
Monthly Revenue:$2,273,315 USD
Yearly Revenue:$27,261,688 USD
Daily Unique Visitors:11,490,701
Monthly Unique Visitors:349,740,742
Yearly Unique Visitors:4,194,105,865

Great news. 

Piss on File Hippo

I recommend anyone and everyone to show the owners of File Hippo that screwing your innocent unsuspecting customer base a lesson. Screwing us with this type of crap to 100% never go back. I will from this point on visit their website for the names and reviews of the software but I will never ever trust them again. 

Use the File Hippo contact us page and the email bounces back. Why? They only want our money they do not care.

File Hippo owners Go To HellPiss on File Hippo. Hope you see a serious drop in revenue from your ads. A

visitor like myself would normally click around and you'd get a dozen impressions as I checked the latest software you offered but never again.

File Hippo owners Go To Hell.

Investing in Domain Nmes

I have to admit I own 100 plus domain names. I try to weed them out every once in a while. I use them such as this one to get business. This one doesn't generate me any money but I enjoy yapping and since I can't talk to you I'll type what I want you to know.

I owned some domains and let them expire to later see them for sale on auctions for ten of thousands of dollars. Somewhat depressing but so it goes.

A great article is here. Link

I buy and domain and then build a free blog on Google. Tough to learn new tricks thus can't figure out word press. I read occasionally how easy they say it is but I can't even get it to launch.

Easy they say I ask. Is your mother or father ok at the web? then ask them to download it and build a one or two page blog or word press aka website and DO NOT HELP THEM AT ALL. They will have problems and I doubt succeed.

Google Blogger is a snap. Easy easy.

Yahoo stated easy to build. I had a stick figure floating around the page for a year and finally deleted it.

Have fun be safe.
Thank you

Microsoft Windows 7

Everyone has preferences for everything they do. Drink Coke or Pepsi. Different banks and different airlines. Different vacations and destinations.

Anyway I always open Windows by using the Windows Explorer folder options. I create a desktop icon for Windows Explorer and look at the C drive and easily move files and or create new directories and so on. I guess they're are a number of people that use the computer icon and go in that way. I just tried it and actually the same results but I do it the way I like it.

Microsoft has a offered to allow us to vote on what we want to see in the new Windows version. Kinda neat from a business that seemingly doesn't care what we think. Microsoft engineers come up with what they think we'll like and it is what it is.

105 pages with 20 different idea people have suggested that you can vote on.

Like to vote or suggest a new feature? Here are a few.

Add Persian calendar to Windows 35,897 votes

Add tabs to Windows Explorer/File Explorer (I like this one) 13,171 (9:12 AM 10-21-14)


Make Windows Update the one stop for all drivers. (got my vote)

Voting is going on and I think you get 15 votes. You can use up to three votes on one subject if you want to use them or scatter them around. Link below.

Cast your vote.
Thank you

Tax The Rich


Some people have some money and some people have no 
money and some people have way too much money.    

The following six short movies on YouTube will take you about 15 fifteen minutes to watch them all. The series
begins with a male stepping into a Rolls-Royce Wraith and driving this Awesome vehicle eventually into a large field sliding sideways at I'd guess 70 MPH. Click on Link and enjoy then next fifteen minutes.  Click Here and away you'll go.


Registration Form Costs

The last four or five years I would pay a web hosting company to let me create a registration form to get customers.

I am not technical well I am but not really.

I understand some and can figure out some but over all I just don't get it.

At 61 years old I am tired of trying and failing at HTML or website design.

I don't want to learn how to do this and it is easier just to pay $50.00 to $75.00 for a form that I only have to change a few headers.

Google docs has changed all that. Microsoft is set up so that you must know what you are doing and Google has it so that you don't. Microsoft outlook is a pain and so is all their programs. It can be easier but for some reason they expect you to understand and people like me don't and do not want to spend the time figuring it out.

I searched Google docs then I searched registration form Google docs and there it is.

I will include a form I built in fifteen minutes. the data once submitted goes to my Google gmail account automatically.

Give it a whirl and save your money.

Thank you

FBI has locked my Browser Update

Huge virus scam out there. Just went to a website and it happened to me. The website suggests you buy a money card and enter the card number and pay them some amount of money.

FIRST THING NOT TO PANIC. Do not turn off the device. the desktop the laptop whatever.


Okay now. First I closed all the search engine pages I had open. The one with the FBI you are looking at bad stuff stayed open. I wasn't able to close the browser. dang nabbit.
Move your mouse pointer to the bottom of the page. The lower bar.
Left Click on bar once.
Right click and click task manager.
In applications you will see whats running. 
I am showing now blogger and nothing else.
You will see what website or something odd that is got you by the bad people.

Right click on the name once then click end task.

Poof it be gone.

Update: So I noticed recently this. Check to the do not load spot then click the close program and then I use the enter key and the mouse and click it takes me maybe four times and the FBI window locked closes and you do not l,oose your other windows that are opened.

This works on the FBI locked website as well as We have detected a virus call the BAD GUYS at 1-800- your going to pay..

Success saved you $75.00 and time from going to the local computer store  

Thank you

Spybot 2014 New Version

Spybot 2014 New Version much improved over last years. 2013 was a bad year for them.

Works like a champ!

Spybot has been an awesome virus checker for years. I am sure they are proud of their new release but it is not what it used to be.

Difficult to to the simple tasks.

I think they should have just left it alone and charged $1.00 a download and install.

250 Million downloads at a dollar each would have taken care of their financial worries for a long time.

I had used Spybot for years and now I don't. I have deleted the program.

Microsoft Essentials does the job for free.

Thank you

Media Player is out of date

The best way to download a virus is when you see the drop down message on your device that informs you that your media player needs to be updated to view something.

The red colored page makes you think it is Adobe BUT it is not.

It is a virus. You think you need to do this but after a closer inspection you will not see a name or the name Adobe.

Like time release pills this will install and in a week take over your device.3

Thank you

Two step Passcode Apple

Apple is now offering a two step verification to access their products.

Get this done then one day you will not be using or logged in then you will receive a text message from Apple  and you will then know that you were about to be hacked.

Google has had this and so has Yahoo along with Facebook.

It only takes once for someone to get into your account because you didn't log in.

Caused me huge problems but now the 2 step process is guarding me.

Read below for an additional post about this subject.   Link

Thank you

Google Two Step Log In

Today at 9:23 AM EST I wasn't near my computer. I was talking to a customer when I got a text message with my numerical code to sign into Google!

What happened?

Someone used my correct user name and passcode. The second step you do not see till it is too late for the invader.

The second page pops up and it reads please put in the numerical code.

Seconds later a numerical code is sent to me via a text message or automated phone call from Google.

I got it and that is how I knew someone tried to access my account.

I have this on Yahoo, Google and Facebook.

If you do this do not ever have the system save the device or the location. If you do it will not require the second step.
Facebook two step security.
yahoo two step security sign in.
Search Google two step log in.

Set your search engine or browser to log out every day or 24 hours. The bad people will tap refresh to read your emails and be required to sign in. The two step sign in if now done will pop up once they type in your correct user name and passcode and surprise you will get a text message.

Right away you'll feel safe go wash your hands to get their crud and nasty ways off your hands.

The first time you get a text message with the code you will be so happy that you set up the two step log in and the 24 hour reload or automatic search engine exit put in pass code this you will think "oh no" but then you will laugh. Especially if you are not near your internet access device.

May 20, 2018: On my way home from my office and I get a message from Yahoo. Are you trying to log into your Yahoo email account? YES or No? I pull over and the message is gone. Funny! Someone had my user name and probably password but once they entered my user name and clicked the page to enter the password Yahoo sends a text. You then click either Yes or No. The intruder or POS doesn't know this is going to happen. Once the user name is entered then the second you click the "next" button to enter the password the text is instantly sent. The intruder or POS freeks and deletes the page. Game over. Stopped dead in their tracks. Awesome.

Thank you.

FaceBook someone wants to be my friend

A few days ago I get a note from within FaceBook that someone wants to be my friend. I now click on their name and see who they know and how do I know them. Well this person is new on FB and I have no idea idea who she is. I do not accept her friendship and I click the button that I do not know her outside of FB.

So here is the picture of the lady that is new on FaceBook and I have never ever seen her before. She also has no friends and for whatever reason wants to be mine. Seems so odd. Anyway here she is.

I don't have that many friends. Who are they?

I found one name of a person that manages the deli department in a grocery store in an area of the city where I have never been. Seems odd that this person was even in my friends catagory. Unfriended. Hell I don't know them so what the hell do I care. I now mark those that indeed are not my real friends but friends of friends and so on as acquaintances and they do not and can not post anything anywhere on my FB page.

A friend you can ask to get your mail while out of town and please put it daily on the coffee table inside your home. Can you do this with someone you don't know? Damn odds are you'll come home to an empty house and the mail will still be in the mail box. So why in world would you share information with people that you do not know and trust??????

I also have the two step sign in process. Log in using the correct sign in name and password and a text is automatically sent to my cell phone. The text includes a six digit number. I then type that code into the FB page and I'm in. FB allows you to save locations. I used here, there and elsewhere BUT now I do not identify or save any location. Why should I. If they guess the secret name of my location or which computer I'm using then they are in. So, as home or office will not work much less home computer or office laptop.

My FaceBook Page was hacked

My FaceBook Page was hacked. I have another blog and here is the link to a bad story of someone having access to one of my email accounts. I would like to tell you who it was but I think it would be best if FB, Yahoo takes the actions that I believe they will. If they do not then I will have those that know do what needs to be done.

Who Stands For What

If this has happned to you by anyone then read this. LINK

Then how to report the invasion of your account. Actually easy. I have done this a week ago.

XP Antivirus Yes a scam

I typically create a post about a scam and put it in my scam section but this one is different. How many of us have clicked on a link and suddenly a colorful page opens. The page shows what we are suppose to think   is checking our system for problems?

I know I have seen this page many times. Just before I panic and do something I look at the drives and I don't see what I know I have installed.

This is a scam to make you think your computer is infected and you need to click on the stop and save me button. I have seen XP Antivirus and it is pretty convincing that your computer is indeed infected. Clicking the link to install and you are now screwed. You sadly pay the fee then install a vicious virus.

Bad things happen to bad people I always like to think. Sometimes it takes a long time and sometimes fairly quick. I also believe in speeding the process if I can because not only do bad things happen to bad people but bad things should happen to bad people.

Enough of that crap.

Fake Antivirus Ringleader Must Pay $163 Million.
The normal everything is closed down and bank accounts and everything will be seized and so on. I think the Feds should take the money and find out who of us paid it in and give the money back to us.


Hide your IP address 2015

I just wrote a post about using Google and the cloak and dagger eye spy hiding your data from Google. Google is smart and for whatever reason I think this just keeps your searches from the history in your account if you have a Google account.

How to check where you are? Bring up your favorite search engine and type or copy the following my ip address and search on that.

The first one that comes up in the results is www.whatismyip.com/

Click on that website and click what is my IP address. Your public IP address is Will pop up and a series of numbers separated with periods. Write that long number down. That is much like your social security number, drivers license number or worse the actual location of the computer that you are using. 

Search the following: search anonymously. Try anonymouse.org/anonwww.html   Then copy this into that search area. https://www.google.com/

The report quickly comes back and it shows that my IP address is  

IP Information:

Shows that I am in California which I am not.  So either way. I think I like this method rather than the next post. Just when your finished playing your devious games of registering on your competition websites or whatever you are afraid of then do not log into your email or search engine. I just don't trust them. I suggest closing the search engine then open it again and log in.

UPDATE: I recently read and article online about how hackers slip around on the internet without their IP truly showing up. Here is how they do it. This time it shows I'm in France. 


Thank you

Google Tracks you. Easy fix

So months ago Google announced they were going to track and save your search data. Why would they do this well it is too generate more revenue form your searching. Someone searches tours in Houston and once the system realizes you are looking for data they will populate your page with ads for this.

How to keep it private and have your searches not fall into you search history?

Click the Google search button.
The page loads then in the upper right corner you will see a wrench.
Click the wrench.
Down three lines is the new incognito window.  Then click the Google search button as normal and you are safe from the history keeping. 

Click that and nothing you search will show up in your history.

Here is what you will see.
You've gone incognito. Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close allopen incognito windows. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however. 

Going incognito doesn't affect the behavior of other people, servers, or software. Be wary of:
  • Websites that collect or share information about you
  • Internet service providers or employers that track the pages you visit
  • Malicious software that tracks your keystrokes in exchange for free smileys
  • Surveillance by secret agents
  • People standing behind you
As long as the eye spy, cloak and dagger symbol is in the upper left corner you are free of the record keeping. 

Thank you

Changing Passwords

Now  that my Facebook page has been taken over for a few minutes I am now a firm believer in changing passwords. What a pain it is BUT far better than what happened to me.

I changed Google, Yahoo, websites......... I changed every password I had everywhere. Everywhere

I now use a two step password on Google and Yahoo. What a pain but I now feel safe from the bad guys and girls that for what ever reason what to hurt people. Two step I say yes. I sign in and use the correct user name and password then click log in and a text comes to my cell phone with a secret one time numeric six digit code that is good for fifteen minutes. Everytime I log in this goes on. Crap where is my phone.

Yes some do it for fun because they can and some do it for revenge.

Who knows and who cares life is short so to save yourself from any problems change your passwords.

How about 1970Dodge then 1970dodge then 1970dodgE and so on. hell I never even owned a Dodge. Long ago I used one1 for January then if my cell phone alarm told me to reset my passwords I would change it to June6 or not enough digits I used June6th, June6th!. Once they realize they can't get in then they will not have any idea. So it doesn't matter. What you do not want them to do is ever ever get in just once.

Changed my bank account. New checks ordered. Put a watch on my credit cards.

When you read this post listen to me. Change all your passwords in the next 24 hours. Promise me that you will do it!!!!!! Do it and prevent any problems from any knowledge that you have stashed or hidden in your email account. Bank accounts, credit card emails, customer name and emails, personal information, your children's emails or whatever.

Thank you and Be Safe

AVG 2012

AVG is a great virus protection offering to the public. I have used it for years. The free edition is great but now it seems to me that they are trying to be like Norton and screwed up.

I am sticking with Microsoft Essentials.

I wish Microsoft would step up their free program to include all the program protections that are needed by public. Keep it light and not an over bearing hog like the new 2012 AVG.

Thank you

Buying URL and build a Blog

I am only okay at the blogs. I accept that. I agree it is okay you see mine that are not that neat. Can't figure them out so I don't bother.

So I work as an outside sales person for a small component level board repair company. I try my best to guide my regular website to capture the people that are looking for this type of service. Allen Bradley repairs are the holy grail. I use my little blogs to get some of that business.

There isn't a Google search bar here so reduce this page then open another Google search page then reduce it so in a minute you can copy the words in bold and see what I have been doing here and there over the years.
So one area is industrial repair so the repair technician taught me. So I buy the search terms. I bought industrial repair Atlanta. Cost me $8.00 a year on Go-Daddy and the blogs are free on Google. SO businesses search on industrial repair then see 88 million matches. The first few pages of matches are from businesses all over the nation. I figure if they are in or around Atlanta they will will change the search to 
industrial repair Atlanta. Well then another one of my silly blogs pop up.

I really bought the search term.! Copy it and plop it into the search spot on Google and search it. Then try point  of sale repair. The .com wasn't available but the .net was. Copy this into Google search bar
point of sale repair first page out of 24 million.

If you have a small business I suggest doing what I have done. People use the internet to search anything and everything. If you have website then buy a search term and build a Google blog and the business will find you again. Florist Atlanta or deep dish pizza your city. So buy deep dish pizza Atlanta.
A redirect is searching on a subject and finding a website you want to go to. You then click on the name and off you go to something different. If you land on a Go-Daddy page that means the person didn't pay for the name and it will soon go away,

Once I build it and load a few pictures then fix the keywords I rarely go back. Here look at this one.
computer parts warehouse or  hp laser parts to name two. Search who stands for what alright one more for you to see Defective Smart Phone Buyer. You will see the name john their mine. One more for you. I know it seems a little crazy but I promise what I do is working very well for me and all those people that partner up with me. I work on the idea and then buy the terms and build a silly little blog. last one I will tell you for now. used smartphone buyer

$8.00 for one year and if it doesn't get you business then delete it. Just do not set up Go-Daddy to auto renew. 

Thank you and I hope this helps you.
if you have any questions or if I can help you.

Cell Phone Email Spam

I have a Yahoo and Gmail as well as an two exchange accounts. I have found that if I press the inbound button then slide the screen down the last email email. Down to the oldest one on my cell phone.  I wait until I see the emails begin to roll in. At the bottom you find the spam. Once I see them I press down on them and then tap the "more" button and mark them as spam. I do this once a day.

The spammers mark them oddly enough using the year 1969.

Thank you and I hope this helps people.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Program

Alright so you know a few people that use Microsoft products and you are their friend.
The business where you work at is using Microsoft products and they are debating to
upgrade to use the new Office 2010. Here you can offer them a trial version and they
end up liking it and buy it. You can make money at this and increase sales or just
get them a deal on software. Further push Microsoft products all over the world.

You know as well as I do that the best of anything costs money except of course
love. Love is free somewhat and that topic is on yet another blog I have out there
and I will not give you the link to that one.

To any respect here is the link to sign up to become a Microsoft Business Partner.
You can be a business of one or part of a business of five thousand to fifty thousand.
It doesn't matter. I am giving you this link and it is a generic link that if you knew you
would be able to go to. I do not make any money and that is fine with me.

You will by the end of next year on your anniversary date have many legitimate
serial numbers to all the Microsoft products they sell at this time with updates.
At some point you will receive the latest and greatest server software and maybe
ten Windows 7 license codes.

Maybe since I saved you four or five hundred or even a thousand dollars you will
click on my PayPay link and give me $50.00. Now that would rock if you did.

Thank you and enjoy Microsoft Products and spread the word.

Microsoft Partner Link

Google Blogger Offer

I have been building blogs such as this one for a few years. I am probably only
okay with the end result. As I go here and there meeting people about how to
get new business and the internet I offer to build one as good as I can for free.

In most cases the people I am around have no idea that this technology is
available and or how to go about building one.

The mail courier as an example was telling me in short one minute conversations
about some type of energy payment plan. The lady that cleans our neighbors
house is trying to get additional business and she was guided to me. I want to
buy broken smart phones so I have another blog offering money for cell phones
that are sitting in a drawer at most everyone's house if they mail it to me.

Thinking about this I am offering to build a blog as best as I can for $50.00.
Currently since I can't get to another state or across town at your convenience
I ask that you change your password on Google to abc123 or something real easy
for a two day period. The person emails me their Google user name and
pass code. I go in and build it in a couple of hours and leave. I do not go to the
emails I don't care too and I am not interested in that in the slightest.
I go in and build a blog on Google and then submit it to Google when I am done.
I load pictures the person want into the blog and I copy their writings. I do
everything I do on any of mine and then I leave.

I go at this as fast as I can and it takes me about a hour or a little longer. I ask that
people go ahead and begin to gather pictures and email them to me. I also ask that
people write on their own what they want on their blog at first. I need additional
titles for the additional pages.

On most of my blogs I do not show the date, time or author. I want to build it
and I do not want  to go back. I do from time to time but the dates do not show.

Yes it is still a blog but I think ridding the site of the .blogger is a good thing.
I give the search optimization code to you and where to put it. It is free but it
took me forever to figure out the real one and where to put it. I give it to you
but I insert it on the one I am building. You can use it on other blogs. I explain
the rules of keywords and descriptions.

Page Views I add if you want it.
Followers page an so on.
Add the PayPal button and title it.
Add links to your regular website or to another website.
Polls are added if you want them.

I do this from my desktop PC at my house and it takes a few days for your or the
persons system to realize that I have done this to update itself and suddenly
everything I have done from here is there. I have done this for friends in Texas and
California so I know it works fine.

I do not go back because there is no need. I email the person the code and how to
change and what not to do. I send them instructions on how to do what they need
to do to add more writings and to add pages. I send them the code and explain
where it is and how to alter it. I explain in the email to save save save and what to
be REAL careful of on the code.

If you mess it up I will go back into your account and fix it for free. I will do
whatever you want me to do at no charge on the one you paid me to build.

I am available to do this on your PC for $50.00.

I am backed up with orders and have fifteen to build at this time. These are
in Georgia to California to New York.

Record hobbies, real estate, pet sitters, cleaning services anything and
everything except porn.

I build one every few days or so.

Buying a domain name on Go-Daddy then I build it. Once I am done I
explain how to change it from www.whatever.blogspot.com to
www.whatever.com. It is easy for me and is somewhat easy for you.

The person also gives me their Go-Daddy user name and pass code and
I can go in their account and do this in about one minute. They then go
back into Go-Daddy and change their pass code back to whatever it
was. Once I change something in Go-Daddy I then have to go back
into the Google account and change something as well. I have this in an
email but can do it myself. The "change" takes an hour or so. Go-Daddy
alerts you that it takes up to 24 hours but I find that in the mornings it is
almost instant. You have to do one before the other otherwise you get the
Go-Daddy page that asks you if you own this domain or do you want to buy

Google loves data so the hosting is free by Google. The total yearly cost is for
only the domain ownership which is a yearly payment to Go-Daddy for $8.00.

To any respect if anyone out there wants me to do this I can be contacted at  johnsouthernrefurb.com@gmail.com Payment accepted by using PalPal
or a credit card.

Thank you
John Reddien

Real Estate Bailout 2011

Yes I almost hate to link the two together but you know
for right now I am.

Search on Google

who stands for what

Thank you,

Ebay Begins to Protect Sellers a little bit thank you

New protection for your performance rating
We know you want to do the right thing for your customers--that's why eBay always encourages buyers to contact the seller before filing a Buyer Protection case. Starting August 31, if the buyer doesn't contact you before opening an eBay Buyer Protection case, and you act quickly to resolve it, the case won't be included in your performance rating. As always, respond to buyer issues promptly using eBay member-to-member email.

Ebay Begins to Protect Sellers a little bit thank you

iPhone, Laptop, Smartphone Recycling

iPhone, Laptop, Smartphone. Yes we like bad and or broken smart phones as much as the good ones. Each and every one is inspected and processed the same. Most smart phone carriers offer new ones with the new contract. Why bother keeping it?

Most everyone buys new and uses it for a year or two and soon after you no longer are happy with it. The carriers don't want it back they want to sell you another new smartphone.

Imagine the millions and millions of smart phones that are tossed in the trash every day. The garbage companies do not have the ability to pull these devices from the huge amounts of trash they pick up every week. The cell phones and the batteries are rotting in the land fills. These batteries and electronics over time continue to pollute the earth and the ground water.

Regardless of condition $20.00 will be mailed to you plus $10.00 for postage.

300Shawnee Drive
Suite 500
Suwanee, GA. 30024

CD, DVD counterfeiter sentenced to over 3 years in prison

The Atlanta, GA native pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and traffic in counterfeit goods and labels.

Sentenced to 38 months in jail.                        


Nuance PDF Reader Uniblue Weather Bug

Nuance PDF Reader Uniblue Weather Bug is just
bad news. If you are asked if you want to down load
this program just do not do it. Nuance PDF Reader
Uniblue Weather Bug It is on my machine and now
the Weather bug is taking it over.
I uninstalled all the strange programs on my PC.
Ran AVG and Defender and the Google button still
takes me a strange yahoo home page.

Click the start button then click RUN then type Regedit
This a scary thing to do if you never have been this file.

You must go there one day and look at all the files. Look
at them and make sure that they all make since to you. Are
they names of programs you use? I looked and even though I
deleted Weather Bug I found it in a file. I then deleted it. Next
I found an odd file named Metro2. I looked it up and it is a
tracking program so I deleted that one as well. I went on and
on and if I didn't recognize it I copy the line into Google and searched.

Each and everyone that made since I left alone and alas I found
Weather Bug again deleted it. The entire process took me about
forty minutes and now I have control of my system again.

Thank you

HONDA CIVIC Navigation, HONDA DVD Navigation

Who wants to let me rent their DVD from Honda so that
I can update my navigation in dash system.
I will happily pay $75.00 to rent the disc for 14 days.
Anyone interested then email me.

Or who wants to split the cost. We need four people
and then we have to only pay $50.00 each.

Thank you

Search Directories Registering your URL AKA Domain

Billions of websites and trillions of clicks and still everyone wants to be
on the top of Google. Getting to the Top with Google comes with very
clear choices, because you can not be on the top all the time.
First let’s simplify the internet in four basic elements
1 - Network of computers
The network of computers worldwide enables the internet to exist.
2 - Websites
Websites provide information to the people using the internet, and give
access to information about other internet users, this includes email an
social networks.
3 - Internet users
Without the internet users, there would not be a need of any internet.
4 - Search Engines
Search engines bring the end user and the information presented on
any website together.
Search engines are the key to unlock any information on the internet.
Information presented and made available should be search engine
friendly in order to enable search engines to use the information
effectively. When we keep the lock on the information (bad writing,
not optimizing, non SEO), we keep the door closed for the search
engines. If we do unlock, then we call this Search Engine
Optimization or for short SEO.
Web Design
When a website is designed it should be designed in such way
that search engines are able to access all the information on the
website. SEO is a very important part of web design.
When a website is not designed with SEO in mind the search
engines like Google and Bing and the thousand others will not be
able to unlock all the information presented. The better the
website is designed the better the search engine can access
and the better it will rate it in its rankings.
Website Ranking
Everyone wants to be on top. But on top of what? You want
to be on top for the core keywords related to your product,
business or service.
A plumber in New York City does not have to rank high in
search results for accountants in New York City. Neither
does he want to rank high for plumbers in Tampa Florida.
He wants to rank high for plumbers and pipefitters in
New York City.
Keyword Research
Keyword research is hard work. The more time you spend
to define the keywords that fit to your business or product
and relate to your website, the better your website will rank.
Incorporating these core keywords and relevant other keywords
in the text is extremely important. 
Registering Website with a Search Directory
As important as the steps are submitting your url to all the
search engines is
a long process. The more places your URL is found 
then the higher the rank. Most people
think of only a few search engines such as Google, 
Yahoo and Bing. In the world there
happens to be thousands such as Ask Jeeves, Dog pile, 
Amazon, Answers and Info and more.
Yahoo is the mother of all search sites, and by far the most 
popular. It is easy to use, and lists sites of high quality. If you 
are searching for a broad topic and you want a few good results, 
Yahoo! is the place to go.

Here is a list of a few but I assure you there are many more.
Requirements for free listingIndexableClean Links
Yahoo9Only accepts non-commercial sites
WWW Virtual Library9Requirements vary for each category
DMOZ8Site must have unique content
Jayde7Email ConfirmationAdd Site
Zeal7Fill out a questionaire about Zeal - Non commercial listings onlyAdd Site
Best of the Web7Non-commercial sites, no guarantee of review
Elib7Reciprocal link
Hot vs Not7Reciprocal link, email
Level10s Web Directory7Reciprocal link for free listing
AAA Smart Shopping7Reciprocal link from search engine friendly pageAdd Site
Rankin Directory6Email, 3-4 month wait. Faster with reciprocal linkAdd Site
Directory World6Reciprocal link
The Big Brain6Simple submission, reciprocal link required.Add Site
Buzzle6Only Non-Profit, Government, or Educational sitesAdd Site
Joe Ant6Register to become an editor
Gimpsy6Only interactive sites providing a serviceAdd Site
GoGuides6Log in as submission specialist - Not FreeAdd Site
NetInsert6Add HTML metatag for instant listing
All the websites6Register for account, reciprocal link preferred
Web World Index6Email must match website domain, 3 posts on forum for 48 hour listing
Illumirate61 to 6 month wait, can register to be editorAdd Site
CanLink6EmailAdd Site
So Much6Reciprocal link gets enhanced listing
R-TT Directory6Reciprocal link, emailAdd Site
InfoListings6Email, Reciprocal link for 1-2 months review (usual review 6 months)
BizWeb6Shopping sites only.Add Site
One Big Index6Reciprocal link
Clickey6Email, must register as affiliate,Add Site
One Big Directory6Reciprocal link, send email notification to info@onebigdirectory.com
NerdWorld6Email, Reciprocal link from homepage for 2 week reviewAdd Site
Search Monster6Register as editorAdd Site
Gurus2Go6Email, reciprocal linkAdd Site
Genius Find6Accepts large, extensive, searchable sitesAdd Site
Free Add URL6Reciprocal linkAdd Site
ABusiness Resources6Only accepts best business resource links
Artenato6Email, Reciprocal Link
Free Submit Your Site5Reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
Page Index5Reciprocal link for faster inclusion
BlueURL5Email, Reciprocal linkAdd Site
in115Reciprocal linkAdd Site
A Biz Directory5Reciprocal link
TurnPike5EmailAdd Site
Auction Fire5Reciprocal Link on major pageAdd Site
Re-Quest Dot Net5Fill out demographic surveyAdd Site
One Mission5Register as editor for instant submission
Ldmstudio5Reciprocal link for top positions & direct linkAdd Site
!tzalist5Reciprocal link for priorityAdd Site
Land of Links5EmailAdd Site
Resources.eu.com5Reciprocal link
Web Beacon5Register as Guide (editor)
Apexoo5None, but submission is difficult, gives error messages
Directory Storm5Register as Editor, Reciprocal link preferred
Consultant Directory5Reciprocal link preferred
Established Websites Directory5Reciprocal link, site must have Google Pagerank 4+Add Site
Best Business Directory.com -5Reciprocal for commercial sites onlyAdd Site
Dir Submission5Email, reciprocal link preferredAdd Site
Cluboo5Reciprocal linkAdd Site
ADirect2Z5Reciprocal link
Blue Universe5Computer & Internet websites
Home Business Network5Reciprocal link
Bauq5Only accepts best sites, select category then submit by emailAdd Site
Xoron5Login requiredAdd Site
Arakne Links4Reciprocal link for 1 day review and top of page listing. Non-reciprocal listings take 3 days.Add Site
UUiq directory4Email for confirmation, reciprocal link optional
Fabarooni4Top domain only
Site Directory4Email
Human Ranked Directory4Email, reciprocal link optional, only non-commercial sites
ScrabbleStop4Email, reciprocal linkAdd Site
Power Links4Reciprocal link - minimum PR2Add Site
A1 Web Links4Paid or reciprocal linkAdd Site
A Free Directory4Email
SiteLibrary4Non-commercial, high-quality sites only
Directory-Link4EmailAdd Site
eCommerce Directory4Website must have shopping cart and checkout. Reciprocal link greatly appreciated. Only top level URL.
Cache Directory4EmailAdd Site
ChunkyPig4Reciprocal link
Blue Daffodil4None
Find It Fred4Email
The New Power Directory4Reciprocal preferredAdd Site
EZWeb-Tools4Email & reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
Web Sites Promotion Directory4Reciprocal link (Friend status)Add Site
Online Global Directory4Reciprocal or 3-way link from PR2 pageAdd Site
SEO Supreme4Reciprocal link preferred, email
ODLP4Become editor to add listings
Equipment.net4Contact DetailsAdd Site
Chromeball4Reciprocal linkAdd Site
The Brain of the Internet - iB4Reciprocal link with site's monthly sponsorAdd Site
YYYEP4Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Family Safe Website Directory4Reciprocal link, email, family safeAdd Site
All.info4Must register as a producer
Directory World3Reciprocal link FROM INDEX PAGE, emailAdd Site
Reviewed Web3Reciprocal link appreciatedAdd Site
Quality Back Links3Reciprocal link, emailAdd Site
SEO Friend3Email, No Reciprocal Link RequiredAdd Site
Linkmoz3Reciprocal link on PR2 pageAdd Site
DiverseList.com31 year submission (eg - link is removed after 1 year), email
Online Directory Central3Reciprocal link to a partner site
Alphabet Directory3Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Vendfinder3Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Apna2Free Listing
D911.NET2Email, reciprocal link appreciatedAdd Site
Wild At Shop2Official company name in the link text. No deeplinking. Just main page, one link per site.
EXOspy2Reciprocal for 3 day review, no reciprocal for 3 week reviewAdd Site
Linkd.info2Reciprocal link on PR2 pageAdd Site
Add Good Sites2EmailAdd Site
The Business Directory1Reciprocal link, EmailAdd Site
Web Friendly Directory1No Reciprocal Link RequiredAdd Site
Starting Page1Only best sites for each categoryAdd Site
PromoteTech1Email, reciprocal linkAdd Site
OfCourse.us0Reciprocal. Limited submissions available monthlyAdd Site
Business Directory0Email, reciprocal link appreciatedAdd Site
Adaxas0Reciprocal link unless you have 'valuable content'
DALVI0EmailAdd Site
Bitwide0Email and reciprocalAdd Site
E Business Directory0Email
999pro0regular listing and reciprocal links. Need a registered account
SoftSolutionsIndia0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Root Directory0Reciprocal
Earthly Search0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
SEO Web Directory0Email, reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
All Business Directory03 to 4 month review, reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
Best Directory 4 You0EmailAdd Site
MoneySur0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Inteligent Directory0EmailAdd Site
Free directory0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Directory430EmailAdd Site
FreeWebsDirectories0Reciprocal link
Directory seek0free regular linkAdd Site
Who Wants Links0Email & reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
myEnds0Have to register to submit
LinX2it0Reciprocal link optional
Directxs0Reciprocal link (possibly optional)Add Site
Online Directory0Reciprocal link
Linkdor0Reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
Mylink20We allow website owners to directly submit their site for inclusion
Just Mavin0Reciprocal optionalAdd Site
ATZ Directory0Reciprocal link optional (I think)Add Site
Directory Comet0EmailAdd Site
Infinite Info0Free, no registration or reciprocal required.Add Site
Fine Directory0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
XtLinks0Email, reciprocal linkAdd Site
Work At Home Place0Email, reciprocal link for 24 hour listingAdd Site

Click on one or more of the names and go to the website and after
visiting a few you will see that they are basically all the same style and

Yes a small very small list and registering and submitting your domain
to each and all of these is how to do it. Some charge and some do
not. Time is one of the biggest problems. I charge to submit them
to the directories and it is based at pennies vs the cost of your time.
Reciprocal means you must link them back to you. This also helps
in the ranking but it is just another time consuming step.

I use a team of people that sit and take care of the process the slow
manual way.

Thank you