Google Blogger Offer

I have been building blogs such as this one for a few years. I am probably only
okay with the end result. As I go here and there meeting people about how to
get new business and the internet I offer to build one as good as I can for free.

In most cases the people I am around have no idea that this technology is
available and or how to go about building one.

The mail courier as an example was telling me in short one minute conversations
about some type of energy payment plan. The lady that cleans our neighbors
house is trying to get additional business and she was guided to me. I want to
buy broken smart phones so I have another blog offering money for cell phones
that are sitting in a drawer at most everyone's house if they mail it to me.

Thinking about this I am offering to build a blog as best as I can for $50.00.
Currently since I can't get to another state or across town at your convenience
I ask that you change your password on Google to abc123 or something real easy
for a two day period. The person emails me their Google user name and
pass code. I go in and build it in a couple of hours and leave. I do not go to the
emails I don't care too and I am not interested in that in the slightest.
I go in and build a blog on Google and then submit it to Google when I am done.
I load pictures the person want into the blog and I copy their writings. I do
everything I do on any of mine and then I leave.

I go at this as fast as I can and it takes me about a hour or a little longer. I ask that
people go ahead and begin to gather pictures and email them to me. I also ask that
people write on their own what they want on their blog at first. I need additional
titles for the additional pages.

On most of my blogs I do not show the date, time or author. I want to build it
and I do not want  to go back. I do from time to time but the dates do not show.

Yes it is still a blog but I think ridding the site of the .blogger is a good thing.
I give the search optimization code to you and where to put it. It is free but it
took me forever to figure out the real one and where to put it. I give it to you
but I insert it on the one I am building. You can use it on other blogs. I explain
the rules of keywords and descriptions.

Page Views I add if you want it.
Followers page an so on.
Add the PayPal button and title it.
Add links to your regular website or to another website.
Polls are added if you want them.

I do this from my desktop PC at my house and it takes a few days for your or the
persons system to realize that I have done this to update itself and suddenly
everything I have done from here is there. I have done this for friends in Texas and
California so I know it works fine.

I do not go back because there is no need. I email the person the code and how to
change and what not to do. I send them instructions on how to do what they need
to do to add more writings and to add pages. I send them the code and explain
where it is and how to alter it. I explain in the email to save save save and what to
be REAL careful of on the code.

If you mess it up I will go back into your account and fix it for free. I will do
whatever you want me to do at no charge on the one you paid me to build.

I am available to do this on your PC for $50.00.

I am backed up with orders and have fifteen to build at this time. These are
in Georgia to California to New York.

Record hobbies, real estate, pet sitters, cleaning services anything and
everything except porn.

I build one every few days or so.

Buying a domain name on Go-Daddy then I build it. Once I am done I
explain how to change it from to It is easy for me and is somewhat easy for you.

The person also gives me their Go-Daddy user name and pass code and
I can go in their account and do this in about one minute. They then go
back into Go-Daddy and change their pass code back to whatever it
was. Once I change something in Go-Daddy I then have to go back
into the Google account and change something as well. I have this in an
email but can do it myself. The "change" takes an hour or so. Go-Daddy
alerts you that it takes up to 24 hours but I find that in the mornings it is
almost instant. You have to do one before the other otherwise you get the
Go-Daddy page that asks you if you own this domain or do you want to buy

Google loves data so the hosting is free by Google. The total yearly cost is for
only the domain ownership which is a yearly payment to Go-Daddy for $8.00.

To any respect if anyone out there wants me to do this I can be contacted at Payment accepted by using PalPal
or a credit card.

Thank you
John Reddien