Investing in Domain Nmes

I have to admit I own 100 plus domain names. I try to weed them out every once in a while. I use them such as this one to get business. This one doesn't generate me any money but I enjoy yapping and since I can't talk to you I'll type what I want you to know.

I owned some domains and let them expire to later see them for sale on auctions for ten of thousands of dollars. Somewhat depressing but so it goes.

A great article is here. Link

I buy and domain and then build a free blog on Google. Tough to learn new tricks thus can't figure out word press. I read occasionally how easy they say it is but I can't even get it to launch.

Easy they say I ask. Is your mother or father ok at the web? then ask them to download it and build a one or two page blog or word press aka website and DO NOT HELP THEM AT ALL. They will have problems and I doubt succeed.

Google Blogger is a snap. Easy easy.

Yahoo stated easy to build. I had a stick figure floating around the page for a year and finally deleted it.

Have fun be safe.
Thank you