Changing Passwords

Now  that my Facebook page has been taken over for a few minutes I am now a firm believer in changing passwords. What a pain it is BUT far better than what happened to me.

I changed Google, Yahoo, websites......... I changed every password I had everywhere. Everywhere

I now use a two step password on Google and Yahoo. What a pain but I now feel safe from the bad guys and girls that for what ever reason what to hurt people. Two step I say yes. I sign in and use the correct user name and password then click log in and a text comes to my cell phone with a secret one time numeric six digit code that is good for fifteen minutes. Everytime I log in this goes on. Crap where is my phone.

Yes some do it for fun because they can and some do it for revenge.

Who knows and who cares life is short so to save yourself from any problems change your passwords.

How about 1970Dodge then 1970dodge then 1970dodgE and so on. hell I never even owned a Dodge. Long ago I used one1 for January then if my cell phone alarm told me to reset my passwords I would change it to June6 or not enough digits I used June6th, June6th!. Once they realize they can't get in then they will not have any idea. So it doesn't matter. What you do not want them to do is ever ever get in just once.

Changed my bank account. New checks ordered. Put a watch on my credit cards.

When you read this post listen to me. Change all your passwords in the next 24 hours. Promise me that you will do it!!!!!! Do it and prevent any problems from any knowledge that you have stashed or hidden in your email account. Bank accounts, credit card emails, customer name and emails, personal information, your children's emails or whatever.

Thank you and Be Safe