iPhone, Laptop, Smartphone Recycling

iPhone, Laptop, Smartphone. Yes we like bad and or broken smart phones as much as the good ones. Each and every one is inspected and processed the same. Most smart phone carriers offer new ones with the new contract. Why bother keeping it?

Most everyone buys new and uses it for a year or two and soon after you no longer are happy with it. The carriers don't want it back they want to sell you another new smartphone.

Imagine the millions and millions of smart phones that are tossed in the trash every day. The garbage companies do not have the ability to pull these devices from the huge amounts of trash they pick up every week. The cell phones and the batteries are rotting in the land fills. These batteries and electronics over time continue to pollute the earth and the ground water.

Regardless of condition $20.00 will be mailed to you plus $10.00 for postage.

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