MSN Website Poll

On the MSN home page they have a poll pretty much every day. It is quick and easy. No registration. Typically 250,000 take the poll. Today so far Total responses: 742,639 votes by 6:49 AM Make it a habit and lets gets it up to a half a million every day. June 6th, 2018 the title is Do you support creating a Space Force as a sixth military branch?
Thank you

Rosanne Barr Stated this

Rosanne Barr says so one bad joke and you are going to throw me under the bus. Cancel the show over one joke?
Kathy Griffin and Rosanne could maybe compare notes. 

Some jokes aren't really jokes. They are hateful and in bad judgement.

People must really think about what they do and say before letting a few million people make the judgement for them.

I feel bad for the cast and the support employees on the Rosanne show. I don't care for her. My opinion. I didn't the first time around and still don't. 

Tesla Model S on Autopilot Test

Yes you really should click on this link and watch the 1.25 minute 
video showing how Tesla operates on the highway while on auto-pilot 
aka cruise control. The next time everyone reads about a Tesla Crash 
while on autopilot will think of this movie. Elon Musk is a genius and 
his automobiles are not really at fault are they?
Thank you


Cryptocurrency Investing 2018

Please read this whole page before clicking links. Unregulated and running 24/7. On the far right click view all. The highest price sorts to the top. The first is Bit20 coin is trading today May 15th, 2018 8:40 AM EST at $836,429.00. Once you get past that shocker then click on 24 hour change. Yescoin up 4063% in 24 hours. Investing $250.00 yesterday would have gotten you 2.9 million coins.
Forgetting the number of coins. Doesn't matter.
This matters,
$250.00 invested over 24 hours ago times 4063% Equals $10,232.00.
$50.00 invested over 24 hours ago times 4063% Equals $2031.00
Bunnycoin I invested pretend a week ago and I am up to $1987.00 after investing $500.00. May 20th I am still up to $1036.00 Personally I would sold it by now.
Look at coins here.   The link will open a new Google Tab.

On the far right of the page click view all. If you don't you will only sort the first 100.
So click again on the price tab. Sort bringing up the lowest priced coins to
the top. At the bottom of the page click to the 21st page. You will now see
coins priced at .000000600, Investing $10.00 a week in them all or a few.

Apparently first you must buy a tiny percentage of a bitcoin. then sell it and invest in lower priced coins.

2018 top Cryptocurrency brokers USA Link This will open a second Google Tab.

I pretend I began investing a week ago. I found this website and I add coins
that are trading at about .00000XX. I pretend $500.00 in each. I add them into my account. Here. The link will open third Google Tab. The portfolio page does not allow you toi save the investment amount of money so just to watch use the same amount for all.

Update: I had pretended I invested TTC Protocol. My $500.00 went up to $62,500.00 in six months. Today is October 11,2018.So I guess if you are lucky picking a coin you can make serious money.

Thank you

Investing The new Nasdaq 2018

People talk about high risk high gain. Twenty two years ago I did great investing.
This is when Netscape was coming into play. Cisco before all the splits.
Now there is Cryptocurrency Investing.

My father asked me to explain to him what I knew about investing in the stock market. PE? he asked me umm I'm not sure. Something times earnings umm I'm not sure. So what the hell makes you think you'll make money he asked me as he sipped his Johnny Walker on the rocks. Cryptocurrency doesn't have that.

Well look at the this and I opened the Atlanta Journal Newspaper to the stock pages. See here if I had 100 shares of this stock I would have made $200.00 today.

He then asked me what all the columns were. Volume high low pretty easy but he'd come back to the PE. I told him as I sipped my Bacardi and Coke You know I don't know and I don't really care. You see look at this I would made blah blah blah. Cryptocurrency doesn't have that.
In January 1996 I bought 300 shares of Cisco. CSCO at about $4.03 a share I was frigging thrilled. My father told me I was an idiot. February 1996 a 2 for 1 split. 12-97 a 3 for 2 split then 9-98 3 for 2 split then 6-99 a 2 for 1 then 3-2000 a 2 for 1. I had 5400 shares.  Then March 18th 2000 I panicked. It is at $70.00 a share I put a stop lose in at $65.00 and a sell at $80.00. Ten minutes later I freaking out and told my investment banker to dump it all now. In fact I told her to dump everything I had. I was luckily ten months before the
day of the big correction. Dumped my IBM, Motorola, Home Depot.

President Trump Audit Credit Card Charges All Politicians

If someone that works for the Federal Government spends money that is out of line then they should have to repay the money. Federal Government employees that have credit cards are all expenses for only job related requirements?. I doubt it.
Hell this is where are tax dollars are going. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

$122,000.00 for a two day meeting in Europe is nuts. The entire trip was ten days but no one asked me to approve this. The below I found on the internet.
Sen. Charles Schumer spent $292,000 in public money flying private airplanes in 2015. 
Sen. Kristen Gillibrand spent more than $150,000 on charter travel.
Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming spent more than $75,000 in 2015 year flying charters.

$191,000.00 for Doors?
2009  Sens. John Cornyn and Chuck Schumer each spent more than $140,000 in taxpayer money on travel in the first half of the fiscal year. On Dec. 2, for example, Schumer spent $4,000 to take a private plane from New York City to Albany and back again. Delta and US Airways both fly that 140-mile route several times a day, with fares ranging from around $400 to less than $200 if purchased in advance.
Searching on the internet I have found that

Congress has 535 voting members:made up of 435 Representatives and 100 Senators. I would suggest the audit begins there. At first just audit two months. December 2017 year end totals and January 2018. If anything is found out of line then all agencies of the Federal Government needs to be audited.

Maybe begin auditing what the government is spending money on.

I would venture to guess if a Federal Government employee buys something
for an office and it does not work then they just put whatever it is in a closet and at some point later either throw it away, give it away or take it home.

I think the Federal Government should issue cell phones Federal Government employees to be used on job and not for personal usage. How many Federal Government employees buy and pay for personal cell phones used for both personal and business use.

How many Federal Government employees used their expense account to buy the new iPhone X?

Auditing our house will reduce enough money to fully fund the Social Security and that damn wall he wants.

Thank you

AT&T U-verse TV Wireless Receiver

ATT U-Verse upped the bill $5.00 a month. So we have three TV's. One newer DVR receiver.  So they upped my bill five dollars and I will show you how to save $15.00 a month. Change out the receivers and once you buy install and verify it works then send them the old receivers.The DVR is ATT U-verse branded with the model number PH8005.
EBay click here $30.00 delivered. Three months investment back. Bill down $10.00 a month. Amazon click here. Nope not there.
On my additional TV's is a Cisco ISB7005 or PN: 4040836. Most are under $25.00 delivered. A couple months your investment is back bill goes down $10.00 a month.
Amazon click here. Nope not there.
Most are used on EBay. Spending under fifty dollars in three months your investment has paid off the bill will go down $20.00 but really $15.00 because it went up $5.00.

So I spent $180.00 a year for five years on two things I could have bought for $50.00. I suggest that you do this right away. I spent $900.00 over the five years. 
Guess you are still doing this. huh? 

We have signed up with Direct TV. Going through Costco we get one DVR at no cost forever. $300.00 cash back. Costco deal here.
Thank you

Cell Phone $650.00 Cost vs $225.00 Cost

Buy last years top dog Cell Phone rather than this years.
LG V20 rather than the V30 or V40
4 GB ram 74 GB memory.
Amazon and Ebay NEW for $200.00 TO $300.00.
V20 Factory refurbished $150.00 on EBay has worked
flawlessly for a year now.

GenX Millennials Baby Boomers

Here are the birth years for each generation:
  • Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials: Born 1996 and later. 21 to 39 years old
  • Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 to 1995. 40 to 51 years old
  • Generation X: Born 1965 to 1976. 52 years old
  • Baby Boomers: Born 1946 to 1964. Toast Doesn't matter
  • Traditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 and before

It seems that the end of the baby boomers is upon us as big businesses try to adapt to the millennials and soon the GenZ. 

The new stadium in Atlanta was designed to be loved by the millennials and it has worked. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Thank you

Microsoft Office Professional 2016

In the United States it is illegal to buy and sell Microsoft software with a keycode. Apparently not in Europe. Office Professional with the disk is $380.00 plus. On Ebay there is a seller with this listed for sale at $14.00. You need to log out of your Microsoft account and uninstall any older versions. You'd then buy it off Ebay. The instructions are simple. The seller emails you detailed instructions. The serial number is included. The software is downloaded from Microsoft then you merely put in the key code. The seller emails the buyer the instructions and key code with in 20 hours. The seller does not mail the disk.

I have included a link at the bottom of this post Here.
The installation has all the programs. If you search on Google for Ebay. Then enter the Ebay website. Next merely copy my header or this Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 the listing will come up. You can also copy this and search as well Microsoft Windows 10 Professional. $5.82. The seller in this listing has sold over 29,000 installations.  Well that seller on Ebay is in jail or vacationing at the beach.  Here.  

Searching on that header you will see one seller has sold 10,000+ copies.

The person I bought mine from is probably in Siberia. The link above is working again. The only thing I would do differently is have an account with Microsoft then one you download and install you  activate the software in your account. I didn't do this and in my laptop it is fine and on my desktop it isn't.

2973 installations have been sold. 1057 are watching. $13.35 total cost. As of March 10th 74 % have been sold. This one listing the person is selling 200 a day.

Let us look at this in a different point of view. Pretend you are on business or traveling and you are in Europe and you see this listing. You buy it and install the software. A few days later you return to he United States. Are you in violation of any Microsoft laws. I doubt it.

Works great. Installation is in any language you desire.

Watch this one minute movie showing an example
of why some people have died using 
Tesla Autopilot.

Thank you

Downloaded and Installed Virus

I tried to find a patch to allow me to play a game on my
home computer. Well during this moment of stupidity I
downloaded and willingly installed a virus.

I think as I remember I was more caught up in the
excitement that I had found a patch. The patch from hell.

A day after I installed the patch my home computer began
showing the symptoms of a virus. My search engine changed
to At first Yahoo changed then MSN then Google.

Crap. Uninstalled the patch  Worthless move. Damage done.
No longer did I care about the frigging game. Minutes turned
into hours then days as I spent my free time battling the

Messing with the regedit deleting and deleting I finally installed
Zemana and this free trial cleared the issue up. Using Google
in forums I found a solution. Search for one line of code and delete
it. was gone.

Huge waste of time.
Thank you

Tax The Rich Aweome YouTube Video

Tax The Rich


Some people have some money and some people have no 
money and some people have way too much money.    

The following six short movies on YouTube will take you about 

15 fifteen minutes to watch them all. The series

begins with a male stepping into a Rolls-Royce Wraith and driving 

this Awesome vehicle eventually into a large field sliding sideways 

at I'd guess 70 MPH. Click on Link and enjoy then next fifteen 

minutes.  Click Here and away you'll go.


Web Search in a Foreign Language

I have wanted to show everyone this for a long time but I have
been busy. This will broaden your searches and you will
think darn why didn't I think of this.

I have Google set up to open every search in a new window
so I do not want my first search to go away. You do that in Google
set up. I'm sure you either know that or can figure that out.

I then open a incognito window in Google. Upper right corner
on search but you can figure that out as well. I then close my regular
search page. I always use this because I don't want anything in my
history. I know I can delete history but....

I search translate and click on the link below the sample and a new
page opens. So for an example I want to find this.

fishing in iceland video. I change the language to Icelandic.
This is the translation veiði á Íslandi myndband

So use your imagination and type in any terms you want and
use translate to any language you'd like.
Next merely highlight the translated words on the
right side and search. Away you go.

Google will ask you if you want Google to translate. Click No.

Look for websites that you know are what you are really looking
for. Sometimes I will copy the description or title of the video
and then right click and dig further into the internet.

Always end your search term with the word video unless you
are after pictures.

Remember NO website can see that your machine is infected so
DO NOT install any fix it program from where ever.

I promise you will have see new websites. Some regular visited
website will pop up so if you'd like just copy and paste the
translated terms in there such as in YouTube.

Have a great day.

Used Car For Sale Dealer Price Drop Atlanta

Lastly Cargurus is great to find a used vehicle. Cargurus had an option to check
the price history and time the vehicle was on the lot. I also checked the box
for drop in price. What a scam this is.
Most dealers do this. I took a screen
shot a while ago and this will show you the games they play. The picture
will tell you the full story.

Atlanta market on a 2013 Honda CRV EL is or was in October November 2016
$21,000.00 plus dealer fees plus taxes and tag. We all have to pay the taxes
and tag. Let us forget those costs for a moment. The price someone would pay
for the vehicle is what we are interested in. Off Lease Only in Orlando had a
2014 Honda CRV less than 22,000 miles and a clean car fax report.  $16,999.99.
Plus a $20.00 temporary tag. Two one way air fares Atlanta to Orlando airport.
Delta Air Lines $197.00 times 2 = $400.00.Wife and I. Summary.
$17,000+$20.00+$400.00=$17,420.00 minus $21,000 + dealer fees $650.00=
$21,650.00 subtracted from $17,420.00. Four grand. To me that is huge
money. A year younger CVR with under 22,000 miles $4,000.00 savings.
I am still very happy with my CRV I got from Off Lease only. If you buy a vehicle 
from them tell them the Honda CRV buyer from Atlanta sent you. Thank you

Black Lives Matter 2017

Black and white well actually all lives matter.

I am 64 years old and haven't been arrested. How many people that are 
involved in crimes for the first time? Who do you that has been arrested? 
Who do you know that has been arrested for drugs or fighting. 
Do you know anyone in a gang?. Drug issues and family problems. 
Drinking issues and no education. Gang issues and whatever.  Life is short 
and who wants to spend a good chunk of your life in prison.

We've all got to look ourselves and quit saying it is this or that. In most 
cases we all have had the opportunity to do good. We've had the chance 
to study and get an education but some have chosen not to . They would 
rather go out with friends and do drugs or drink. The internet brings all 
this most anyone's finger tips and available. Rob someone and take their 
money or vehicle.

How many times can you remember a death of a white person and all the 
whites in town get all vocal about it? Marching and causing issues? I 
am guessing most white people think if a white guy gets killed by
anyone then well crap he messed up and got his ass shot.   

Time in a local jail or in prison. Think your tricky and can get away with
whatever. You risk going to jail. The time you'd spend in jail may not be a 
big deal. They feed you three meals a day. They do your laundry. You have
the opportunity to exercise. The biggest issue I think is this. So pretending 
this. You steal a bag of cash or find a bag of cash with Five million dollars 
in a bag.

You get stupid and you get caught. You go to prison for five years. Awesome
you get out and a few days later you go dig up your bag of cash. Life is good
again. Now go back to the first day or prison. If you are white or you are black.
The prison guard takes you to your cell. You walk in and the metal doors slam shut.

You toss your prison crap on the floor. You stand there and introduce yourself
to your cell mate. He tells you this. I think your cute. The first night everything 
is fine. The next night he attacks you and beats you up. The next night the
same. The next night he rapes you. A week later he trades your ass to someone
for a pack of cigarettes. It isn't about the time it is the life.

This spring buy and lawn mower and mow lawns and make a decent living. 
Get a job unloading trucks.  This winter all you need is a snow shovel and 
dig out driveways. Lots of ways to make money with no education. Hard 
work and stay away from drugs.
Go into a thrift store and use a cell phone and look everything up on Ebay.
If the thrift store item is tested good and the item sells for $20.00 and you 
can buy it for $5.00 then buy it. List it ship it and make money.
Grow up and realize that life is short. 
Working at a job paying taxes for 35 years will get you a social security 
check of at least $2,000 a month.
Be kind to others and not only earn money but save it as well. Begin living
a good life.

I promise this to you.
Anyone you knew in high school, grown up with or 
attended college with, smoked weed with or sat next to in a bar. You 
will not talk to them in ten years. No one in a gang will be associated 
with you in twenty years. It just will not happen. 

No one cares about you more than you.

Stay away from anyone that isn't good at heart.
Stay away from people that would hurt someone else.
Stay away from drugs.
Stay away from robbers and thieves.

Help other people and don't expect anything for it.
thank you

Trump Demonstrators 2016

I'd would ask the demonstrators if they voted.
If they didn't then they should just accept the results because not
only do black and white lives matter but one vote counts as well.

They is 231 registered voters in the United States of America.
90 million did not vote. That is a lot of singles votes that did not
happen. Link.  A little more about the statistics. Link.

The top three reasons registered voters did not vote.
Too busy conflicting schedule. 17.5% 
Disability or illness 14.9%
Not interested. 13.4%
These people could have registered for early voting by US mail.
These people could have early voted. LINK

I certainly hope all the protestors voted otherwise they should 
just go home and be silent like they did when they should have cast their vote.

Thank you

Cancelling a cell phone service Read this

Well I made an error. I have three cell phones. I canceled one cell phone and the number went away as well. I just did it one day on a whim. I could not justify paying for an additional line if I do not use it that much. I use it primarily for a hotspot and yes it has different email addresses on it.

I failed to change or add a alternate phone number and or an alternate email address to this Yahoo account. So back to Yahoo they noticed i'm using a different ip address to access my email. Oh NO Yahoo security thinks. Fraud. So now I can not access the account. I get a message that shows a cell phone and it sends a text to outer space. The text code I can't get. The help pages state click here to add or modify the alternate information but then the system brings up the text a code to your cell phone page. I feel somewhat encouraged but then bam I can't do anything. 

Oddly enough I can access Ebay and or Paypal and other websites but not Yahoo.
thank you

Federal Government Wastes Money

This link will just amaze you at some of the wasteful spending by the United States Federal Government. Politicians typically or generally don't care about the money they spend. They all have budgets in their area's and they just take advantage of it. Click these words to zoom elsewhere.

I believe the United States Federal Government needs to be run like a business. They tax us then piss away the money.  Trmp winning over Clinton was a shocker. Thank the blue collar workers and the millennials not the older citizens.

Illegal immigration

People living in the United States illegally or not registered are the ones that are killing the resources we the citizens are paying for. They do not have valid drivers licenses and no vehicle insurance. They're children go to public schools funded by the hard working citizens of the United States of America. I think that there should be a way for those living here and are not registered and do not have a Visa or green card should get a 90 day window to sign up. Low income earning non registered people living here are killing our economy. I would ask that the Federal Government allow illegals to go and sign up at a local city office. Finger prints and give them a temporary green card. They then need a sponsor to place a bond on them then they are on probation. Typically people do not get arrested so if they get arrested for anything they should be booted out the United States. Once the 90 day window passes any illegal immigrants are found must leave. We the United States must lock down our borders.

My blog my opinion.

Thank you

Will You Have Enough Savings at Retirement?

Retirement is probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever pay for. Because of that, it may be difficult to put the amount you may need to save into perspective.

How Much Would You Be Able to Withdraw Each Year?

For simplicity, let’s assume: You’re ready to retire today and plan to have your 
retirement savings last 25 years. You’ve moved your savings into more conservative 
investments that you believe are appropriate for retirement. The investments will 
provide a constant 6% annual return. 
You’ll withdraw the same amount at the end of each year. 
Keep in mind that these examples don’t include factors such as inflation and 
volatility  that can have a big impact on your purchasing power and account 
value. For example, 
if inflation were 4% a year, a withdrawal of $31,291 25 years from now would 
only be worth $11,738 in today’s dollars. Investment losses would decrease 
your account’s  growth potential in subsequent years. To account for these 
factors, you might need to save even more.
Thank you

Honda CRV Gas Mileage

I bought a 2014 Honda CRV EX FWD a few weeks ago. I had a 2008 Honda Civic EXL Sedan. I drive about 500 miles a week on the interstate. The Civic keeping it below 2000 RPM related to below 61 MPH got 38 miles per gallon. Going faster than 2000 RPM which is faster than 61 MPH got me a solid 28 MPG.

I drive about 20 miles per day around in the city. I average 32 MPG in town driving. I coast up to a stop sign and signals that are red. I do not so to say step on the gas. I maintain a speed at about 45 MPH if the law permits it. I am not a hazard or causing any delays driving this way. I am keeping up with traffic. Once the red light turns green I zoom to the speed limit then again maintain the posted speed.

Why? Checking the instant fuel mileage a few times reviews this. If you get 5 MPG gallon for a distance of 200 feet then once up to speed you just stay at that steady speed. If you get 18 MPG over a 600 of feet. You will be getting 38 MPG sooner thus over the mile less the 200 feet. It is early and my distances are off.

5 MPG over 200 feet then 40MPG over the balance of the mile
15 MPG over a distance of 400 feet then 40MPG over the balance of the mile

Crap. If you zoom to the speed limit you will get an overall better MPG vs slowly creeping up to the speed limit. It is true try it. I had always thought creeping up to 60 MPH would get me better MPG but it doesn't. Accelerating up to 63 MPH faster then overall for the balance of the first mile you'll average will be much higher. Difference will be 15 MPG vs 25 MPG.

The 2014 Honda CRV EX for the past week has gotten me about 28 MPG. So where is the sweet spot on the CRV? The civic is gone and I have been checking the CRV mileage at various speeds.

Cruise control on or off air conditioner on or off on the interstate a whopping 44.4 MPG keeping the RPM below 2,000 which relates to 63 MPH.

I get up to speed fairly fast then I merely maintain the speed. I try not to do anything like accelerate up or down. I keep my foot on the pedal and just maintain the 63 MPH.

Update:2-16-18-I haven't reset my mileage gauge on settings B for a while. 
12,562 miles I have gotten 25.2 MPG.

I always say I have more time then money so I drive this way all the time.

Thank you

Computer Recycle R2 and ISO Certifications

I run into various people and those I like and believe in I try my best to guide business they're way. On a few posts I have written here and on other blogs I own I tell the story of buying a used Honda CRV in Atlanta. Now I'm shifting gears to Computer Recycle R2 and ISO Certifications.

I have met a consultant that prices are super reasonable and the process is on steroids. In the past in Atlanta R2 certified consultants are everywhere and the prices range from $7000.00 to $20,000.00. The process takes from three months to one year.

You have to weigh everything in and weigh everything out. You must account for all the weight. Mainly proving by record keeping that all went to buyers or re-sellers or sold on Ebay but not in a landfill. that is pretty much it. The  ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is pretty much the health and safety. Use your legs not your back when picking something up. Steal toe shoes and signs everywhere. Safety kits here and there. 

A computer that sells to brokers or on Ebay buys 250 desktops or laptops or routers or dell phones whatever. Weigh all the equipment in. Sell anything off the two pallets of gear in that package then weigh what left. So let's say 1650.00 pounds in. Shipped a desktop sold on Ebay weighed 14 pounds. Subtract 14 lbs from the 1650 pounds and you still have 1636 pounds of potential electronic waste.

Cost of a Consultant Somewhere between $7000.00 and $20,000.00
Cost of inspection, audits and first year dues. $6,000.00
Time the entire process takes. 90 days to 365 days.

I can get it done for you for a reasonable price. Depends on how many employees and how big your building is. If you are a small business two employees and under two thousand square feet I'm guessing the consultants fees will be about $14,000.00 and these people will get it done in 90 days. The 14 grand is for the consultant. The dues and fees will still be about six grand. If interested click here to their website.

Thank you      Tell them Bob sent you. Please         

Yahoo just Makes me Mad

So, Yahoo in there effort to protect us we must now turn on our 
cell phone to log in. I do not want to turn on my phone to get a
text message to access my  email. the option to enter my 
password the just want me to use my cell and I am not going to 
do it.

I am OK now with the Yahoo two step process works great the same 
on my Ebay account, Paypal Account, FB works great.

Sorry I wasted your time telling you this but FB and Yahoo just 
piss me off. Get on with it and let me access it. Use my ip to 
verify it is me. I type in the floating letters then they ask me to 
check my phone and they is just no way around it.

May 20, 2018: On my way home from my office and I get a message from Yahoo. Are you trying to log into your Yahoo email account? YES or No? I pull over and the message is gone. Funny! Someone had my user name and probably password but once they entered my user name and clicked the page to enter the password Yahoo sends a text. You then click either Yes or No. The intruder or POS doesn't know this is going to happen. Once the user name is entered then the second you click the "next" button to enter the password the text is instantly sent. The intruder or POS freaks and deletes the page. Game over. Stopped dead in their tracks. Awesome.

Let's swing over to FaceBook for a minute.

FaceBook . I am sitting in a hotel and my cell phone is in my 
hotel on the fifteenth floor. FB is a high tech website and they 
say OK this is easy. We will let you in when you identify one 
person that is your friend. Five pictures pop up and I don't 
know who they are. Pick the person that is Bob. Crap I don't 
know. I'd love for this to happen to 
Mr Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. 
Soap box back under my desk.

Ultra-thin Pocket Mini Credit Card Mobile Phone

Reading about alternates to a well known e commerce website I clicked on the links and checked them out. On one I searched cell phones to determine if I could find a seller of the LG product types maybe at a lower price. I then stumbled on this. A credit card sized mobile phone. This one is particular works on the T-Mobile network. At $29.00 including shipping I may buy one and if it works then we are golden.

At $29.00 as just a cell phone and it breaks I really won't care I'll buy another. You check it and even though this may not be for everyone it sure beats the hell out of paying $500 to $800.00 over time for a cell phone.

Well maybe I just didn't know what to search. I guess I've been caught up in the cell phone do everything mode for years. I would like to find a super low priced cell phone maybe priced at $45.00 that had a great camera and 3G as well as a hotspot capability. This post is I guess for those of us that never even knew this was going on.

Cell phones have turned into remote TV remotes, Video players, games players, camera's, email systems. If you need just a cell phone to do what your old land line did which is to allow us to talk to anyone we please without of the other capabilities then this may be an answer, Odd name but I guess they like it better than Here is the link to a cell phone you should look at. This link is to a more expensive cell phone $42.00 I'd like to finance that over 24 months please.


This one runs on Android. Click Here.

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Email Spam and Unwanted Emails

Over time you find a website that is interesting and you subscribe. Do It Yourself or automobile news, bands, clothing, shows and plays and do good groups and OMG. Vacation cruises or places to visit during the summer or where to grow a garden or fish. Movies and technical news and well this and that. Kim got a butt implant and her ass sticks out as much as her daughters. The list goes on and on.

I am so tired of the emails pouring in daily that just seems like a waste of time. I could take reading what excites them and they think for some unknown reason that they need to share with me. Once a week.

I would rather them send me a summary once a month or a few times a year. Every day every week well go away. I am a non technical human. I figured out how to "block" the emails. It is awesome I'll not check my email during the evening and in the morning nothing has come to me.

I no longer want to read about the Costco Auto program. Don't want to read about the local weather alerts. It is hot and not going to rain I already know that. All the emails I used to get are like one of my friends on FaceBook. This lady wants to share and share OMG stop it. She is a nice lady but I don't want to see an update about what thrills her. I had to unfollow her on FB. I then went thru my FB people and began the I don't want to be notified about crap from anyone.

Three months ago I began my blocking campaign. Skip my in box and move straight into my trash can. No longer hanging out in my spam file. I have stopped looking in my spam folder because spam just sucks. I just click the little button and it all goes away.

Now every few days I send myself an email just to make sure the system is working. Just seems somewhat sad. Almost pathetic.

Soap box back under my bed.

Used car for sale near me

First posted in 2016
Updated in August 2017

To tell people how to save money buying from Off lease only in Orlando and posting prices is not going to work. I am not updating the prices to stay current. 

Check prices for the used vehicle in your city that you are interested in.  Write down the year of the vehicle make and model, options, mileage and price. Ask if the dealer fee is included. In Atlanta typically is $700.00 to $900.00 on top of the internet price you are seeing.

I have the link in the above line set to the Orlando, Florida location. If the location isn't right make sure you are looking in Orlando.
Price airline tickets one way to Orlando airport look at Delta Air lines. Do not factor what your vehicle is worth. Sell your vehicle locally to a private party.

Examples from August 2017.

On the internet a 2017 Mercedes Benz C Class C300 Sport 4Matic AWD in Atlanta for $38,328.00 on the other hand 437 miles away you can get the exact vehicle for $34k. Four thousand dollars less. I guess if you don't want more car for your money or maybe you don't care about saving money then go local and piss away your money.. 

2015 Lexus GX 460 $44,414.00 current price in Atlanta at a dealership and Off lease Only doesn't.
2015 Lexus GX 460 $37,999. $7000.00 difference.  The Atlanta dealership no doubt charges between 599.99 to $900.00 dealer fees and Off lease Only does not charge a dealership fee. Off lease only charges $20.00 over the listed price on their website. This is for a tag transfer. I chose to pay tax in my state when I got back and needed a tag. 90 days later.

2014 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD  Atlanta $22,000.00
Off lease Only in Orlando is $17,010.00 drive out price. Five grand savings. Yes you have to fly to orlando. No you do not have to spend the night. Call 1-855-975-7950 ask to speak to a sales person in Orlando, Florida. Tell the person in orlando you are an out of state buyer.  

September 17th, 2016 my wife and I went to the Off Lease Only in Orlando, Florida. I had reserved a 2014 Honda CRV EX with 21,000 miles on it. Awesome deal. The sales person at Ed Voyles Honda on highway 41 in Smyrna, GA would not match the price. 

Too bad so sad I at that moment knew off lease only was the only place I was going to get a deal on the CRV.

Taxes and tag I will take care of in Atlanta. Consider flying to Orlando Friday night or early Saturday morning. They will come and pick you up at the airport. Be at the Off Lease Only first thing in the morning on a Saturday with a cashiers check in hand. Once you are done then head back to Atlanta. The drive home was six hours on a Saturday.

Lastly off Lease never asked me to write this story They wouldn't give me a discount what they did was save me money and that is good enough for me.

Call 1-855-975-7950 ask to speak to a sales person in Orlando, Florida. Tell the person in orlando you are an out of state buyer.  Tell them The guy from Atlanta that bought the Honda CRV sent you. My commission is saving people money and stopping Atlanta dealerships from stealing our money.

On the website is information for out of state buyers. Check that out.

All the salespeople are paid by the hour. No commissions. They just want to sell the vehicles. Fly in check it out buy it using a cashier's check drive home. Fly in check out the vehicle you have reserved then pay to have it brought to you in a few weeks. If you end up saving a few thousand like I did then it is all worth it.

Call 1-855-975-7950 ask to speak to a sales person in Orlando, Florida. Tell the person in orlando you are an out of state buyer.  Tell the sales person in Orlando The guy from Atlanta that bought the Honda CRV sent you.

Free Food App

Why not install a Racetrac App and get a few free soda's. Racetrac also keeps 
up with your spending if you type in your cell number at the gas pump. Every 
purchase you make also is registered and tracked. Rewards come often. 
Spend a few thousand dollars and get a free soda or coffee everyday for a year.

QT does the same however they don't track you money spent but QT always sends
you deals. Chick-fil-a today has awarded me a free sandwich. Coupon is good till the last day 
of June. I'll swing by Racetrac and get a free refill then to Chick-fil-a for my sandwich.
McDonald's does the same as well.

Speaking of McDonald's or any fast food places around your city the problem isn't 
necessarily that we have anything against Burger King or McDonald's but they do not
sell gasoline. The obvious place to eat fast food is where we all stop all  the time and 
that is at gas stations.

Gas stations in Atlanta have stepped up their game. Ractrac and Quick Trip both have
much improved their bottom line from value added offerings. FOOD.
Pizza by the slice will kill off lots of small pizza shops. Mexican food low prices and 
great tasting and well that hurt Taco Bell.  The Shell and BP and Texaco gas stations are
in trouble. A local Texaco didn't have the paper cups in the proper order. I bought a 
a large thinking it was a medium. I paid more than I wanted but I'll never go back.

We the people want a great deal for our money. If we feel slighted then well you never go 
back. A great sandwich for under $4.00 will kill off every sandwich shop for miles. Who has
the time to stand in line for a great sandwich in a plastic basket. To any respect any fast 
food place or gas station you go to download the app. 

Thank you