Buying URL and build a Blog

I am only okay at the blogs. I accept that. I agree it is okay you see mine that are not that neat. Can't figure them out so I don't bother.

So I work as an outside sales person for a small component level board repair company. I try my best to guide my regular website to capture the people that are looking for this type of service. Allen Bradley repairs are the holy grail. I use my little blogs to get some of that business.

There isn't a Google search bar here so reduce this page then open another Google search page then reduce it so in a minute you can copy the words in bold and see what I have been doing here and there over the years.
So one area is industrial repair so the repair technician taught me. So I buy the search terms. I bought industrial repair Atlanta. Cost me $8.00 a year on Go-Daddy and the blogs are free on Google. SO businesses search on industrial repair then see 88 million matches. The first few pages of matches are from businesses all over the nation. I figure if they are in or around Atlanta they will will change the search to 
industrial repair Atlanta. Well then another one of my silly blogs pop up.

I really bought the search term.! Copy it and plop it into the search spot on Google and search it. Then try point  of sale repair. The .com wasn't available but the .net was. Copy this into Google search bar
point of sale repair first page out of 24 million.

If you have a small business I suggest doing what I have done. People use the internet to search anything and everything. If you have website then buy a search term and build a Google blog and the business will find you again. Florist Atlanta or deep dish pizza your city. So buy deep dish pizza Atlanta.
A redirect is searching on a subject and finding a website you want to go to. You then click on the name and off you go to something different. If you land on a Go-Daddy page that means the person didn't pay for the name and it will soon go away,

Once I build it and load a few pictures then fix the keywords I rarely go back. Here look at this one.
computer parts warehouse or  hp laser parts to name two. Search who stands for what alright one more for you to see Defective Smart Phone Buyer. You will see the name john their mine. One more for you. I know it seems a little crazy but I promise what I do is working very well for me and all those people that partner up with me. I work on the idea and then buy the terms and build a silly little blog. last one I will tell you for now. used smartphone buyer

$8.00 for one year and if it doesn't get you business then delete it. Just do not set up Go-Daddy to auto renew. 

Thank you and I hope this helps you. 
if you have any questions or if I can help you.