Paypal Alternative

Someone wants to pay me money and use POPMoney.

April 14th at 2PM I began to figure out what in the world is this all about.
I've heard of Paypal but what the heck is POPMoney?

Well I have linked a YouTube video.

Send anyone anywhere money to their bank from yours. Up to a $5,000.00 a month.

Using a cell phone number or an email and away you go.
The bank account you use does not have to be set up for online banking.

Costs them .95 each transaction. Less than a dollar sure beats Paypal.

It is great Paypal is separate from Ebay.

Just as slow as Paypal so they are making money off the money sitting in they're account interest free. I don't care really just save me money on the fees.

Thank you


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