Google Two Step Log In

Today at 9:23 AM EST I wasn't near my computer. I was talking to a customer when I got a text message with my numerical code to sign into Google!

What happened?

Someone used my correct user name and passcode. The second step you do not see till it is too late for the invader.

The second page pops up and it reads please put in the numerical code.

Seconds later a numerical code is sent to me via a text message or automated phone call from Google.

I got it and that is how I knew someone tried to access my account.

I have this on Yahoo, Google and Facebook.

If you do this do not ever have the system save the device or the location. If you do it will not require the second step.
Facebook two step security.
yahoo two step security sign in.
Search Google two step log in.

Set your search engine or browser to log out every day or 24 hours. The bad people will tap refresh to read your emails and be required to sign in. The two step sign in if now done will pop up once they type in your correct user name and passcode and surprise you will get a text message.

Right away you'll feel safe go wash your hands to get their crud and nasty ways off your hands.

The first time you get a text message with the code you will be so happy that you set up the two step log in and the 24 hour reload or automatic search engine exit put in pass code this you will think "oh no" but then you will laugh. Especially if you are not near your internet access device.

May 20, 2018: On my way home from my office and I get a message from Yahoo. Are you trying to log into your Yahoo email account? YES or No? I pull over and the message is gone. Funny! Someone had my user name and probably password but once they entered my user name and clicked the page to enter the password Yahoo sends a text. You then click either Yes or No. The intruder or POS doesn't know this is going to happen. Once the user name is entered then the second you click the "next" button to enter the password the text is instantly sent. The intruder or POS freeks and deletes the page. Game over. Stopped dead in their tracks. Awesome.

Thank you.