FaceBook someone wants to be my friend

A few days ago I get a note from within FaceBook that someone wants to be my friend. I now click on their name and see who they know and how do I know them. Well this person is new on FB and I have no idea idea who she is. I do not accept her friendship and I click the button that I do not know her outside of FB.

So here is the picture of the lady that is new on FaceBook and I have never ever seen her before. She also has no friends and for whatever reason wants to be mine. Seems so odd. Anyway here she is.

I don't have that many friends. Who are they?

I found one name of a person that manages the deli department in a grocery store in an area of the city where I have never been. Seems odd that this person was even in my friends catagory. Unfriended. Hell I don't know them so what the hell do I care. I now mark those that indeed are not my real friends but friends of friends and so on as acquaintances and they do not and can not post anything anywhere on my FB page.

A friend you can ask to get your mail while out of town and please put it daily on the coffee table inside your home. Can you do this with someone you don't know? Damn odds are you'll come home to an empty house and the mail will still be in the mail box. So why in world would you share information with people that you do not know and trust??????

I also have the two step sign in process. Log in using the correct sign in name and password and a text is automatically sent to my cell phone. The text includes a six digit number. I then type that code into the FB page and I'm in. FB allows you to save locations. I used here, there and elsewhere BUT now I do not identify or save any location. Why should I. If they guess the secret name of my location or which computer I'm using then they are in. So, as home or office will not work much less home computer or office laptop.