File Hippo Review filehippo review

Update: File Hippo Yes I'll down load a program but it is sad how they are screwing their

biggest fans. US.   Piss on File Hippo

Norton all versions does not find the internet attacks nor does it stop where ever it is or was on my laptop. Norton paid in full didn't find it and the money paid was refunded. McAfee didn't find it.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0.4 

Avira Free Antivirus


So I burned a few copies of some files and wiped the drive. 

File Hippo or I guess FileHippo was introduced it me a few years ago. A great website to download software. 

They offer a program that automatically searches your device and updates it 

Piss on File Hippo

Using my laptop I installed the program months ago and once in a while updates occurred and then a week ago I begin getting pop ups. Piss on FileHippo  Crap like warning your system may be infected call 1-800-Infected. These people are in some foreign land and they offer to log onto your system and repair it. 

Yesterday I called 1-800-your-dicked and asked the Windows (crap) technician to give me his checking account and password and let me in there to look for issues. He refused.

I then went back to File Hippo and down loaded a program to remove the spy ware off my laptop. Worked like a champ but lost one file and ultimately I'll end up loosing everything due to forced re-installation of Windows 7. 

Piss on File Hippo

Someone made a comment and states that people like me are lazy. Going to one website that offers a one stop shop to get free software and updates. This person is an idiot. 

Occasionally I type in the name of the website or company then follow it with the word review.

Microsoft Windows 7 defender will not find the File Hippo spyware!
McAfee doesn't see them. 

Piss on File Hippo

Spybot is still scratching their butts asking for donations and finds nothing.:

Today I did that and surprise File Hippo is installing tracking software to enhance profits. traffic and earnings

Purchase/Sale Value:$27,261,698 USD
Daily Revenue:$74,690 USD
Monthly Revenue:$2,273,315 USD
Yearly Revenue:$27,261,688 USD
Daily Unique Visitors:11,490,701
Monthly Unique Visitors:349,740,742
Yearly Unique Visitors:4,194,105,865

Great news. 

Piss on File Hippo

I recommend anyone and everyone to show the owners of File Hippo that screwing your innocent unsuspecting customer base a lesson. Screwing us with this type of crap to 100% never go back. I will from this point on visit their website for the names and reviews of the software but I will never ever trust them again. 

Use the File Hippo contact us page and the email bounces back. Why? They only want our money they do not care.

File Hippo owners Go To HellPiss on File Hippo. Hope you see a serious drop in revenue from your ads. A

visitor like myself would normally click around and you'd get a dozen impressions as I checked the latest software you offered but never again.

File Hippo owners Go To Hell.