Microsoft Worldwide Partner Program

Alright so you know a few people that use Microsoft products and you are their friend.
The business where you work at is using Microsoft products and they are debating to
upgrade to use the new Office 2010. Here you can offer them a trial version and they
end up liking it and buy it. You can make money at this and increase sales or just
get them a deal on software. Further push Microsoft products all over the world.

You know as well as I do that the best of anything costs money except of course
love. Love is free somewhat and that topic is on yet another blog I have out there
and I will not give you the link to that one.

To any respect here is the link to sign up to become a Microsoft Business Partner.
You can be a business of one or part of a business of five thousand to fifty thousand.
It doesn't matter. I am giving you this link and it is a generic link that if you knew you
would be able to go to. I do not make any money and that is fine with me.

You will by the end of next year on your anniversary date have many legitimate
serial numbers to all the Microsoft products they sell at this time with updates.
At some point you will receive the latest and greatest server software and maybe
ten Windows 7 license codes.

Maybe since I saved you four or five hundred or even a thousand dollars you will
click on my PayPay link and give me $50.00. Now that would rock if you did.

Thank you and enjoy Microsoft Products and spread the word.

Microsoft Partner Link