XP Antivirus Yes a scam

I typically create a post about a scam and put it in my scam section but this one is different. How many of us have clicked on a link and suddenly a colorful page opens. The page shows what we are suppose to think   is checking our system for problems?

I know I have seen this page many times. Just before I panic and do something I look at the drives and I don't see what I know I have installed.

This is a scam to make you think your computer is infected and you need to click on the stop and save me button. I have seen XP Antivirus and it is pretty convincing that your computer is indeed infected. Clicking the link to install and you are now screwed. You sadly pay the fee then install a vicious virus.

Bad things happen to bad people I always like to think. Sometimes it takes a long time and sometimes fairly quick. I also believe in speeding the process if I can because not only do bad things happen to bad people but bad things should happen to bad people.

Enough of that crap.

Fake Antivirus Ringleader Must Pay $163 Million.
The normal everything is closed down and bank accounts and everything will be seized and so on. I think the Feds should take the money and find out who of us paid it in and give the money back to us.