Hide your IP address 2015

I just wrote a post about using Google and the cloak and dagger eye spy hiding your data from Google. Google is smart and for whatever reason I think this just keeps your searches from the history in your account if you have a Google account.

How to check where you are? Bring up your favorite search engine and type or copy the following my ip address and search on that.

The first one that comes up in the results is www.whatismyip.com/

Click on that website and click what is my IP address. Your public IP address is Will pop up and a series of numbers separated with periods. Write that long number down. That is much like your social security number, drivers license number or worse the actual location of the computer that you are using. 

Search the following: search anonymously. Try anonymouse.org/anonwww.html   Then copy this into that search area. https://www.google.com/

The report quickly comes back and it shows that my IP address is  

IP Information:

Shows that I am in California which I am not.  So either way. I think I like this method rather than the next post. Just when your finished playing your devious games of registering on your competition websites or whatever you are afraid of then do not log into your email or search engine. I just don't trust them. I suggest closing the search engine then open it again and log in.

UPDATE: I recently read and article online about how hackers slip around on the internet without their IP truly showing up. Here is how they do it. This time it shows I'm in France. 


Thank you