Microsoft Windows 7

Everyone has preferences for everything they do. Drink Coke or Pepsi. Different banks and different airlines. Different vacations and destinations.

Anyway I always open Windows by using the Windows Explorer folder options. I create a desktop icon for Windows Explorer and look at the C drive and easily move files and or create new directories and so on. I guess they're are a number of people that use the computer icon and go in that way. I just tried it and actually the same results but I do it the way I like it.

Microsoft has a offered to allow us to vote on what we want to see in the new Windows version. Kinda neat from a business that seemingly doesn't care what we think. Microsoft engineers come up with what they think we'll like and it is what it is.

105 pages with 20 different idea people have suggested that you can vote on.

Like to vote or suggest a new feature? Here are a few.

Add Persian calendar to Windows 35,897 votes

Add tabs to Windows Explorer/File Explorer (I like this one) 13,171 (9:12 AM 10-21-14)


Make Windows Update the one stop for all drivers. (got my vote)

Voting is going on and I think you get 15 votes. You can use up to three votes on one subject if you want to use them or scatter them around. Link below.

Cast your vote.
Thank you