Nuance PDF Reader Uniblue Weather Bug

Nuance PDF Reader Uniblue Weather Bug is just
bad news. If you are asked if you want to down load
this program just do not do it. Nuance PDF Reader
Uniblue Weather Bug It is on my machine and now
the Weather bug is taking it over.
I uninstalled all the strange programs on my PC.
Ran AVG and Defender and the Google button still
takes me a strange yahoo home page.

Click the start button then click RUN then type Regedit
This a scary thing to do if you never have been this file.

You must go there one day and look at all the files. Look
at them and make sure that they all make since to you. Are
they names of programs you use? I looked and even though I
deleted Weather Bug I found it in a file. I then deleted it. Next
I found an odd file named Metro2. I looked it up and it is a
tracking program so I deleted that one as well. I went on and
on and if I didn't recognize it I copy the line into Google and searched.

Each and everyone that made since I left alone and alas I found
Weather Bug again deleted it. The entire process took me about
forty minutes and now I have control of my system again.

Thank you