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I know of a small business that specializes in point of sale repair. I offered to help them reach the first page on Google. The owner a business friend of mine politely told me that the lady that built their website was handling it. Works for me I concluded.

My idea was then I'd work an agreement with them that I would get a commission on all new business I sent them. The owners agreed to a percentage of any new customers I brought them. Now I can make some extra money and not do much more than build a blog and be the first point of contact.

The money was sitting there and I had to figure it out. I bought a simple domain name. Google doesn't like direct named blogs or websites. Typically they kick them down below the first fifteen pages to keep from this being the norm. Google wants you to pay for keywords to lift you to the top pages. Google wants us to use meta tags and keywords and our description as well as content to naturally lift a website to the first page. I can accept that.

I bought a domain name at Google or Go-Daddy. I spend ten dollars.

I go for a direct match. A direct match is search term that is what you and or I are using to find whatever we are looking for on the internet.

As an example copy the term below into a new Google search window and search.

mobile mechanic atlanta

Look for

home gutter cleaning atlanta

Those my friends are direct matches.

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My sales pitch to you. Some websites must be below the first five pages. I will buy a domain and build a blog and use a direct match term. I will get you business. The searcher may or may not use the services you offer but I will get you calls and or the opportunity to get business. I will do this for $100.00. I will leave the blog active for one year.

The point of sale repair blog I built after a month got me the largest pizza owner in Florida to call me. I got the business and I get $300.00 a month commission. They are grossing $6000.00. Not bad. I am great at sales and got the contact to give us a chance. He agreed then I sent the repair shop an email that this person was calling and then gave the contact and phone number. This was five years ago.

So skip the SEO packages and or monthly fees and give me the opportunity.

Email me at if interested.

Thank you