2014 Honda CRV EXL Used For Sale

((this post was November 15th, 2016))
I normally don't do this but I am looking to buy a used 2012 or 2013 Honda CRV EXL black on black. The best selling SUV could have navigation or not. It can also have AWD all wheel drive or not. I am interested in a low mileage under 35,000 miles with no accidents on its history.

In Atlanta Georgia this vehicle with the specifications that I am looking for are offered by dealers at about $19,889.00 to $23,000.00.

I use cargurus and a couple other cell phone apps to alert me at the lowest price in Atlanta with exactly what I am looking for. Car price alert the program sends me an email.

Once you click the vehicle in the app on your cell or laptop you have the option to see more about the vehicle. Doing this another tab is available which is price history. In Atlanta and surrounding area's and I now feel sure all over the United States the following will be revealed. The selling dealer raises and lowers the price all the time. In my situation it has been done twice. The price went up $1400.00 hours before I arrived at the dealership. Two days later it dropped again $1500.00. The first time it dropped I was there on the property with hours and was informed it had sold. The next time the price had risen up $1400.00. they explained to me I was nuts. This exact vehicle VIN number matches has been on the same lot in Duluth GA for 268 days. That is crap. 

Now looking at the price history I can see they dropped the price well below market brought in the buyers then a jacked that puppy up above market. This actually is bait and switch. Looking that term on the internet will give you this definition. the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.
"a bait-and-switch scheme"

Install Cargurus is awesome to find the exact vehicle your looking for. Set your price point and exactly what you want at the distance your willing to drive or fly from you home.

https://www.cargurus.com/ or Click on this Link

CarGurus allows individuals to list their cars on the website for free. I listed my Honda and received over fifty inquiries. Sold it within five days.

Off Lease only Orlando location is fifteen minutes from the Orlando airport. Bob Harris is the General manager.
Bob's office number is 407.270.0599 in Orlando. Call him and tell him the special customer from Atlanta gave you his phone number.

Anyway If you are in the southern part of the United States well for what you'll save anywhere in the United States. I would like you to visit this website and look at the prices. The prices are awesome but you need to listen and watch their video's.  The price listed plus. This dealer charges Florida tax which is 6%. They also will charge a portion of your state tax which is 2.5%. lastly they charge $20.00 temporary tag. That is it. No transportation fees. No dealer fees.  Pay for the vehicle and drive home. I believe this one post will hurt the Atlanta used car business and increase whom I am telling you about. I am only doing this because I am pissed off at this dealership which I will not name. All used vehicle buyers in the Southern States will be excited to see this and well stop the madness. These people are not paying me for this and I will post on this blog how it went when the vehicle I want in in my garage. thank you  Click Here