Free Food App

Why not install a Racetrac App and get a few free soda's. 
Racetrac also keeps up with your spending if you type in 
your cell number at the gas pump. Every purchase you 
make also is registered and tracked. Rewards come often. 
Spend a few thousand dollars and get a free soda or 
coffee everyday for a year.

QT does the same however they don't track you money spent but QT always sends
you deals. Chick-fil-a today has awarded me a free sandwich. Coupon is good till the last day 
of June. I'll swing by Racetrac and get a free refill then to Chick-fil-a for my sandwich.
McDonald's does the same as well.

Speaking of McDonald's or any fast food places around your city the problem isn't 
necessarily that we have anything against Burger King or McDonald's but they do not
sell gasoline. The obvious place to eat fast food is where we all stop all  the time and 
that is at gas stations.

404 734-3515‬ Send an text for a link to a free meal worth

$5.00 at McDonalds.Good until August 1st 2019.

Gas stations in Atlanta have stepped up their game. Ractrac and Quick Trip both have
much improved their bottom line from value added offerings. FOOD.
Pizza by the slice will kill off lots of small pizza shops. Mexican food low prices and 
great tasting and well that hurt Taco Bell.  The Shell and BP and Texaco gas stations are
in trouble. A local Texaco didn't have the paper cups in the proper order. I bought a 
a large thinking it was a medium. I paid more than I wanted but I'll never go back.

We the people want a great deal for our money. If we feel slighted then well you never go 
back. A great sandwich for under $4.00 will kill off every sandwich shop for miles. Who has
the time to stand in line for a great sandwich in a plastic basket. To any respect any fast 
food place or gas station you go to download the app. 

Thank you