Groupon For Traveling

Groupon offers deals all over the world. In your home town as well as in a distant location where you and your family are traveling on vacation.

A few things you must do.

First register on the website where you are traveling. If you are vacationing in the same country then you are fine. Traveling to a foreign country then you must register.

Finding the Groupon website in a foreign country is somewhat difficult. I have requested that Groupon add various locations and the proper link to get awesome deals where ever anyone is vacationing. Using Google Chrome I'd suggest translate to your language so your not looking up everything in Google Translate.

Here are a few for you to look at. I feel that they will add links soon and it will be most helpful to everyone looking for a deal where ever we traveling in the world. A good deal is a good deal. Saves us money and makes Groupon more money.

If you search the city where you are heading the Groupon system will still think your in say as an example New York. What a person has do do is click the link I have provided or click the link then promptly register. This is the easiest way otherwise the Groupon deals will be on getting to the destination rather than you actually being in the Groupon city of your destination. South America was tough to figure out and I'm not sure if they have one in Africa. I think they do but I'm not sure.

Thank you and I hope this helps everyone.

Click the country or copy the URL and plop it in your search bar.

United Kingdom





South America

I suppose if your elsewhere then this will also help you.

United States