TinyURL Preview

It seems that people try to be tricky and send out a Tiny Url. This is a program that is used to reduce the number of letter in the link of a domain name. It is really to trick us because we are so curious however in more cases then not we are not curious so we do not click on the link.

The game is to change it up so we do not know what it is.


As an example: I have a way that you can get the State of Where ever to send you a check for all the property taxes you have paid into them for the past two years because it is illegal to take money for property taxes. Well we are so interested in getting that money back that we click on the link and then alas we are taken to a stupid website telling us about nothing that we care about. What people don't know is that they made maybe .02 for that visit you made and if they can get a few million people to click on it well the .02 adds up fairly fast.

Copy the tiny URL into Google search and you will see what comes up and then if you are interested go otherwise delete it. I received one the other day and it was about,
Relationships With Thai Girls Have A High Failure Rate.

I do not care about this subject in the slightest yet it arrived as important information concerning males in their late 50's. It is a travel website. So I guess I am interested in flying to Thai and being rejected by a Thai women...................Hell I can stay home for that type of rejection.