Verification of a BLOG on Google

Google allows everyone to create a blog then change to a free standing website. It is still a blog but it looks somewhat like a website. This is Blog is hosted by Google for Free and I have the Domain sitting at
Go-Daddy. Google wants you to prove to them that you are in control of the blog or website. They want you to prove to them that you own it. They offer four methods and up till now they are just tough to do.
I swear the codes you insert into the HTML just plain disappear every once in a while. Why do I say that well it is verified then it is not then it is then it is not. As time goes on people like me end up modifying the code to allow us to do things that normally are not done. This changes where we are normally guided to place the codes.
I guess I plop them in

the wrong spot in the HTML and their programs makes them go away. Now they allow you to add a text file to the domain hosting website. If you own the domain and have access to the DNS record then without a doubt use the first choice. Open Go-Daddy and reduce the page then copy the DNS code and do as the instructions explain. This is by far the easiest and is working perfectly. Here are your choices.

Add a DNS record to your domain's configuration
You can use this option if you can sign in to 
your domain registrar or hosting provider and 
Add a new DNS record.
Add a meta tag to your site's home page
You can choose this option if you can edit your 
site's HTML.
Upload an HTML file to your server
You can choose this option if you can upload 
new files to your site.
You can use this option if your site already has a Google Analytics tracking code that uses the asynchronous snippet. You must be an administrator on the Analytics account.