I noticed if I list an item using some of the description

It seemed to me if I wanted to sell HP parts it would actually be more of a benefit to state rather than HP parts a part off a laser printer in this case that was replaced more often. Once my future customer visited my website it was then my turn to sell them on using me.

What I mean is that I am more than just a website with pretty pictures I am a sales man and I have what people are looking for. Great attitude, honest and competitive pricing. Most people do not want to spend the least they want the "thank you sir" attitude. They the customer wants to know that you really appreciate the opportunity that they have given you by picking you out of 135,000,000 other websites to make their purchase.

This is what it is all about. it is the opportunity that the internet has given us.

So I listed HP Ethernet boards as one of my next keywords. I had that term bundled with six 
other terms and payed my money and waited. Number 4 right behind HP. Results 1 - 10 out of  2,810,000 for HP Ethernet boards.  This one listing brought a
fabulous customer about a year ago. Five years I am still there. First page.

Anyway I suggest everyone that is reading my blog to begin now finding your keywords 
and or key phrases. 19 Keywords and a maximum of 249 characters in your description. 
Not 145 but between 235 to 239.

HP Ethernet boards
into your search engine and you will see Southern Refurb there somewhere. 

The reason I am not above HP is that they have way more money than I do.

More later.