Humor me I will humor you...Different Proof for you

I haven't checked this one for a while but copy this into
the search engine. This is mine. I paid my $70.00
about four months ago.
world who stand for what

Is at the bottom of the first page and I think it is
climbing to number one. My domain is sixth out
of a whopping 305,000,000. 

I missed the plural on the word stands 
so if you copy this you will see that 
my website is number 2 out of 89.9 million. 

world who stands for what

Google states beware of those websites 
that state click here to see our proof. 
Those links are not real so on mine as
I have done before you just copy it and 
search on it. It is where it is. I guess it 
may be saved in my cache so you it a try. 

Thank you.