Meta Tags then Terms on Web site

The meta tags you determine that you want your web visitors to find you by typing into the search bar must be on your web site.
As an example I use the term computer recycle as a meta tag. I then use on my site somewhere the exact same words. My company is involved in computer recycle. We are interested in computer surplus and computer excess.
We are an earth friendly computer recycle company. The term earth friendly computer recycle company is one of my search terms and it is on my site. As is the following words
computer surplus, computer excess.

This emphasizes the term. The search engines like this. A business that is involved in home remodeling and uses terms such as remodeling rooms, remodeling porches, remodeling Atlanta and does not use those terms in their site then all is lost. The same words that are your meta tags must be somewhere on your site. It all helps I promise.
The Tick Tock pet service is available to walk your dog while your on vacation. Tick Tock Pet service Atlanta we will visit your home two times a day to walk your dog and to feed them every day your on vacation. We are bonded and have been in business for ten years. Our staff is pet friendly trained. In this case I would use the terms Pet service Atlanta, pet friendly trained.
One thing you must also remember is that you can not list all your search terms on one line of in one paragraph. This the search engines will determine as spam. Use them in a sentence of some type. It maybe an odd structured sentence but it must be a sentence.