Searching in the wonderful web you come to an offering for a FREETRIAL newsgroup down loader. Exactly what I am looking for.
Proceed and download it. Double Click on the program and the pop page states Pay or Pay. Well that it not what it stated at the beginning. Using the Windows XP stop program page and the program ends and goes away.Never installed so there is nothing to remove.

BVI LLC Free Newsreader

My machine is now infected and as I search further on the web I find these other details.I read that they offer a free trail 
membership for a news reader program. Once downloaded you have to pay for it to run. Then as you are still trying to install the freeware it begins to load. You feel happy you figured it out however then trouble begins. Searching on the web I found the Federal Government has sued them however they are still out there. Here is an image that shows what it will do to you. Click on Picture to read

This link was on my machine as of a few hours ago. This is what you will see if you check the properties of the link on your desktop.
Do not click the link on your desktop that will get things going as far as the program is concerned.
"C:\Program Files\DiallerProgram\amateur.exe"

BTV Dialer Removal Tool - Remove BTV Dialer here-It doesn't remove. Some removes but it is still in your system.

C:\Program Files\diallerprogram\ • C:\Program Files\flashtalk\ ...
C:\Program Files\diallerprogram\

Further research this program works only if at some point you activate the exe which causes the program to run. Run and install are two different activities. Install- This installs the program onto your system. Run- This is letting the program run and letting it go do what it is suppose to do.

So, you down load QuickBooks trial and decide not to use.
The program will put icons on your desktop and little files here and there on your system however the day you decide to try it is when you double click on the icon and away it goes. That is when you have caused the exe which is the starting point for programs to start up.

This autodialer program to porn website needs a dial up modem so,
anyone using DSL, Cable, wireless or a dish to access the web we are safe. If you have a dial up modem installed they recommend removing it. So the solution is to use Google Newsreader or any that is offered by the search engine that you use. It is the safest way.
Thank you
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