Website optimization for maximum website performance

Website optimization actually is an Analysis. Done properly will 
fix your best efforts and verify that you are on the right track. It 
will not tell you if your using good Keywords but it will tell you if 
you even have them. 

Have them that is what I see in most cases there are none. It 
like a book without pages. The website is out there down in the 
lower ten million somewhere.

I see websites all the time where the new business are paying 
$100.00 a month for a pretty website and not one keyword.

Description is the other area that is lacking. One or two words 
usually the company name or here or the word internet.

Lastly Google states in one of their instruction pages to submit 
your domain link to as many directories as possible, That is the 
key to the natural rankings. Submit to directories and their are 
thousands of them or you pay per clicks. Two choices. The 
earlier you begin to submit your domain to all those directories 
the quicker you website rises. 

I am not a technical person but that I know you have to do. Get the 
domain bought and out there live on the internet then either submit 
to the directories or use pay per click.

So sad all that work and money and it is a numberless page in a huge 
Thank you