Search Directories Registering your URL AKA Domain

Billions of websites and trillions of clicks and still everyone wants to be
on the top of Google. Getting to the Top with Google comes with very
clear choices, because you can not be on the top all the time.
First let’s simplify the internet in four basic elements
1 - Network of computers
The network of computers worldwide enables the internet to exist.
2 - Websites
Websites provide information to the people using the internet, and give
access to information about other internet users, this includes email an
social networks.
3 - Internet users
Without the internet users, there would not be a need of any internet.
4 - Search Engines
Search engines bring the end user and the information presented on
any website together.
Search engines are the key to unlock any information on the internet.
Information presented and made available should be search engine
friendly in order to enable search engines to use the information
effectively. When we keep the lock on the information (bad writing,
not optimizing, non SEO), we keep the door closed for the search
engines. If we do unlock, then we call this Search Engine
Optimization or for short SEO.
Web Design
When a website is designed it should be designed in such way
that search engines are able to access all the information on the
website. SEO is a very important part of web design.
When a website is not designed with SEO in mind the search
engines like Google and Bing and the thousand others will not be
able to unlock all the information presented. The better the
website is designed the better the search engine can access
and the better it will rate it in its rankings.
Website Ranking
Everyone wants to be on top. But on top of what? You want
to be on top for the core keywords related to your product,
business or service.
A plumber in New York City does not have to rank high in
search results for accountants in New York City. Neither
does he want to rank high for plumbers in Tampa Florida.
He wants to rank high for plumbers and pipefitters in
New York City.
Keyword Research
Keyword research is hard work. The more time you spend
to define the keywords that fit to your business or product
and relate to your website, the better your website will rank.
Incorporating these core keywords and relevant other keywords
in the text is extremely important. 
Registering Website with a Search Directory
As important as the steps are submitting your url to all the
search engines is
a long process. The more places your URL is found 
then the higher the rank. Most people
think of only a few search engines such as Google, 
Yahoo and Bing. In the world there
happens to be thousands such as Ask Jeeves, Dog pile, 
Amazon, Answers and Info and more.
Yahoo is the mother of all search sites, and by far the most 
popular. It is easy to use, and lists sites of high quality. If you 
are searching for a broad topic and you want a few good results, 
Yahoo! is the place to go.

Here is a list of a few but I assure you there are many more.
Requirements for free listingIndexableClean Links
Yahoo9Only accepts non-commercial sites
WWW Virtual Library9Requirements vary for each category
DMOZ8Site must have unique content
Jayde7Email ConfirmationAdd Site
Zeal7Fill out a questionaire about Zeal - Non commercial listings onlyAdd Site
Best of the Web7Non-commercial sites, no guarantee of review
Elib7Reciprocal link
Hot vs Not7Reciprocal link, email
Level10s Web Directory7Reciprocal link for free listing
AAA Smart Shopping7Reciprocal link from search engine friendly pageAdd Site
Rankin Directory6Email, 3-4 month wait. Faster with reciprocal linkAdd Site
Directory World6Reciprocal link
The Big Brain6Simple submission, reciprocal link required.Add Site
Buzzle6Only Non-Profit, Government, or Educational sitesAdd Site
Joe Ant6Register to become an editor
Gimpsy6Only interactive sites providing a serviceAdd Site
GoGuides6Log in as submission specialist - Not FreeAdd Site
NetInsert6Add HTML metatag for instant listing
All the websites6Register for account, reciprocal link preferred
Web World Index6Email must match website domain, 3 posts on forum for 48 hour listing
Illumirate61 to 6 month wait, can register to be editorAdd Site
CanLink6EmailAdd Site
So Much6Reciprocal link gets enhanced listing
R-TT Directory6Reciprocal link, emailAdd Site
InfoListings6Email, Reciprocal link for 1-2 months review (usual review 6 months)
BizWeb6Shopping sites only.Add Site
One Big Index6Reciprocal link
Clickey6Email, must register as affiliate,Add Site
One Big Directory6Reciprocal link, send email notification to
NerdWorld6Email, Reciprocal link from homepage for 2 week reviewAdd Site
Search Monster6Register as editorAdd Site
Gurus2Go6Email, reciprocal linkAdd Site
Genius Find6Accepts large, extensive, searchable sitesAdd Site
Free Add URL6Reciprocal linkAdd Site
ABusiness Resources6Only accepts best business resource links
Artenato6Email, Reciprocal Link
Free Submit Your Site5Reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
Page Index5Reciprocal link for faster inclusion
BlueURL5Email, Reciprocal linkAdd Site
in115Reciprocal linkAdd Site
A Biz Directory5Reciprocal link
TurnPike5EmailAdd Site
Auction Fire5Reciprocal Link on major pageAdd Site
Re-Quest Dot Net5Fill out demographic surveyAdd Site
One Mission5Register as editor for instant submission
Ldmstudio5Reciprocal link for top positions & direct linkAdd Site
!tzalist5Reciprocal link for priorityAdd Site
Land of Links5EmailAdd Site link
Web Beacon5Register as Guide (editor)
Apexoo5None, but submission is difficult, gives error messages
Directory Storm5Register as Editor, Reciprocal link preferred
Consultant Directory5Reciprocal link preferred
Established Websites Directory5Reciprocal link, site must have Google Pagerank 4+Add Site
Best Business -5Reciprocal for commercial sites onlyAdd Site
Dir Submission5Email, reciprocal link preferredAdd Site
Cluboo5Reciprocal linkAdd Site
ADirect2Z5Reciprocal link
Blue Universe5Computer & Internet websites
Home Business Network5Reciprocal link
Bauq5Only accepts best sites, select category then submit by emailAdd Site
Xoron5Login requiredAdd Site
Arakne Links4Reciprocal link for 1 day review and top of page listing. Non-reciprocal listings take 3 days.Add Site
UUiq directory4Email for confirmation, reciprocal link optional
Fabarooni4Top domain only
Site Directory4Email
Human Ranked Directory4Email, reciprocal link optional, only non-commercial sites
ScrabbleStop4Email, reciprocal linkAdd Site
Power Links4Reciprocal link - minimum PR2Add Site
A1 Web Links4Paid or reciprocal linkAdd Site
A Free Directory4Email
SiteLibrary4Non-commercial, high-quality sites only
Directory-Link4EmailAdd Site
eCommerce Directory4Website must have shopping cart and checkout. Reciprocal link greatly appreciated. Only top level URL.
Cache Directory4EmailAdd Site
ChunkyPig4Reciprocal link
Blue Daffodil4None
Find It Fred4Email
The New Power Directory4Reciprocal preferredAdd Site
EZWeb-Tools4Email & reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
Web Sites Promotion Directory4Reciprocal link (Friend status)Add Site
Online Global Directory4Reciprocal or 3-way link from PR2 pageAdd Site
SEO Supreme4Reciprocal link preferred, email
ODLP4Become editor to add listings
Equipment.net4Contact DetailsAdd Site
Chromeball4Reciprocal linkAdd Site
The Brain of the Internet - iB4Reciprocal link with site's monthly sponsorAdd Site
YYYEP4Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Family Safe Website Directory4Reciprocal link, email, family safeAdd Site
All.info4Must register as a producer
Directory World3Reciprocal link FROM INDEX PAGE, emailAdd Site
Reviewed Web3Reciprocal link appreciatedAdd Site
Quality Back Links3Reciprocal link, emailAdd Site
SEO Friend3Email, No Reciprocal Link RequiredAdd Site
Linkmoz3Reciprocal link on PR2 pageAdd Site
DiverseList.com31 year submission (eg - link is removed after 1 year), email
Online Directory Central3Reciprocal link to a partner site
Alphabet Directory3Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Vendfinder3Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Apna2Free Listing
D911.NET2Email, reciprocal link appreciatedAdd Site
Wild At Shop2Official company name in the link text. No deeplinking. Just main page, one link per site.
EXOspy2Reciprocal for 3 day review, no reciprocal for 3 week reviewAdd Site
Linkd.info2Reciprocal link on PR2 pageAdd Site
Add Good Sites2EmailAdd Site
The Business Directory1Reciprocal link, EmailAdd Site
Web Friendly Directory1No Reciprocal Link RequiredAdd Site
Starting Page1Only best sites for each categoryAdd Site
PromoteTech1Email, reciprocal linkAdd Site
OfCourse.us0Reciprocal. Limited submissions available monthlyAdd Site
Business Directory0Email, reciprocal link appreciatedAdd Site
Adaxas0Reciprocal link unless you have 'valuable content'
DALVI0EmailAdd Site
Bitwide0Email and reciprocalAdd Site
E Business Directory0Email
999pro0regular listing and reciprocal links. Need a registered account
SoftSolutionsIndia0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Root Directory0Reciprocal
Earthly Search0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
SEO Web Directory0Email, reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
All Business Directory03 to 4 month review, reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
Best Directory 4 You0EmailAdd Site
MoneySur0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Inteligent Directory0EmailAdd Site
Free directory0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
Directory430EmailAdd Site
FreeWebsDirectories0Reciprocal link
Directory seek0free regular linkAdd Site
Who Wants Links0Email & reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
myEnds0Have to register to submit
LinX2it0Reciprocal link optional
Directxs0Reciprocal link (possibly optional)Add Site
Online Directory0Reciprocal link
Linkdor0Reciprocal link optionalAdd Site
Mylink20We allow website owners to directly submit their site for inclusion
Just Mavin0Reciprocal optionalAdd Site
ATZ Directory0Reciprocal link optional (I think)Add Site
Directory Comet0EmailAdd Site
Infinite Info0Free, no registration or reciprocal required.Add Site
Fine Directory0Reciprocal linkAdd Site
XtLinks0Email, reciprocal linkAdd Site
Work At Home Place0Email, reciprocal link for 24 hour listingAdd Site

Click on one or more of the names and go to the website and after
visiting a few you will see that they are basically all the same style and

Yes a small very small list and registering and submitting your domain
to each and all of these is how to do it. Some charge and some do
not. Time is one of the biggest problems. I charge to submit them
to the directories and it is based at pennies vs the cost of your time.
Reciprocal means you must link them back to you. This also helps
in the ranking but it is just another time consuming step.

I use a team of people that sit and take care of the process the slow
manual way.

Thank you

Google Voice add a FREE additional Phone Number to your SmartPhone

So you have a business and friends and family. Say you even have an additional business and or a secret life.

Join Google Voice and pick an additional phone number using an area code in your local area or even one from a different state. The Google Voice asks you to verify the cell phone number and you put in your cell phone number. Seconds later a phone call and it is Google Voice calling.

Record an different phone message for that new phone number. Perfect for a secret life or an additional business or whatever. I use one for a business and the other for all other calls. It is free and is awesome.

Send text messages using the Google Voice number FREE.
Google Voice
 Sign in and add it to your account. 

PayPal and the IRS 2011

PayPal, the internet money-transfer arm of eBay, is to disclose the identity of customers who use the service to evade paying US taxes.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is demanding records of customers using Paypal through offshore accounts in all tax havens, including Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and other UK dependencies.
According to the IRS, PayPal's services have proved very attractive to tax evaders and the problem is growing. Customers can buy goods from eBay and many other shopping websites, pay for them from untaxed income held offshore and get the goods sent to their home address.

Best Low Rate Card 3.9 Percent

Best Low Rate Card 3.9 Percent

• First Tennessee Platinum Premier Visa (intro rate of 3.9 percent; 800-234-2840)
The interest banks pay on your savings account may be at record lows, but average interest rates on credit cards are at near highs. What's more, fixed rate cards have virtually disappeared. Most low rate cards are now variable and have rates that rise or fall with the prime rate. The First Tennessee Platinum Premier Visa currently has the lowest interest rate on the market, with a fixed introductory rate of 3.9 percent for six months followed by an APR of between 5.15 and 13.15 percent, depending on your credit score. There's no annual fee and cardholders are automatically enrolled in First Tennessee's cash back rewards program, which credits cash directly to your statement for shopping with participating merchants. "If you're looking for the lowest rate card plus rewards, this is the best I know of," says Bill Hardekopf, CEO of The catch: As with most low interest cards, this one comes with a range of interest rates and only consumers with the best credit histories will qualify for the low end of the range.

Microsoft kills Office anti-piracy ENDS

Microsoft kills Office anti-piracy program

Office Genuine Advantage 'served its purpose,' says Microsoft as it 

drops validation checking. Microsoft last week killed an anti-piracy 

service that checked whether customers were running legal copies 

of Office, saying that the program had "served its purpose."

Search Engine Optimization has changed

Search Engine Optimization has changed. Consider that six years ago anyone could put up a doorway page and drive rankings. Then, a few years later, best practice shifted to a combination composed largely of Meta data, solid content with links. Today, while great content, precise Meta data and the right links matter.

Link your website or blog to great websites and do it to lots of them or pay someone to do it for you.

Linknami Review

I have received one of those emails where as if you want to make money read this and if you do not I understand many don't. So, if you do not want to make money then delete this email. Well those are tricky and I guess in hindsight we should delete them. Another trick I set up an account and the person emails me and offer that if I have any questions feel free to contact them. Cool I send an email and ask for their phone number and a killer
response. Oh well can only respond to your questions via email. The answers to my questions take me back to their website.

I think I am going to give it a try for a month. Life is too short.

Nope you have to pay to upgrade and even that I am not sure if
you make any money.

The Dallas Cowboys Domain was For Sale on Sunday night

Here is a good one. The Dallas Cowboys Domain was available for 24 hours. If you had noticed you could have made some serious cash in one day. Read This time, it wasn’t Wade Phillips' fault.
After a 1-7 start, the loss of Tony Romo and firing of head coach/scapegoat Phillips, the Dallas Cowboys forgot about one last problem -- their website. is the second-most visited NFL-approved portal, trailing only in popularity. It was down from Sunday to Tuesday morning, the same days Wade Phillips’ job status was the hottest topic in sports.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the team simply forgot to renew the domain for It was actually up for sale on Sunday night, but Jerry Jones Jr. finally paid the $9.99 to renew it for the year. There was a very real possibility of someone else grabbing the domain name, but the Cowboys got lucky and no one proved to be quick enough. 

Google offers another method Risk Reward

So you can choose to make money using Google and you should read about it. Pay to place small adds on your website and then get paid to have you click on other ones.

As an example you can pay to get sports ads on your website or blog and on the other hand get paid when visitors click on them. it is the Risk Reward idea must like anything else. You are in a hurry to get somewhere.

Risk you get a ticket.
Reward you do not get a ticket and you arrive on time.

Risk: Is you are charged more than you bring in.
Reward: Is you make money when people click on the ads.

The size of a blog or website

Google's system checks the total size of a website. The size will be maybe 400k. Actually a small size and the program will take that size and record it. So you add a post or remove a post and the size changes. This post may be lets say 2k. So the website booster now is 402k. The next time the Google program scans the entire web it will notice that it is larger and knows you added content. The program will take that in and your website will begin to rise in the ranks.

On the other hand if you never change it you need to enhance the opportunity for it to rise by using a SEO keyword optimization. It is lower in cost to just add or reduce the good content to make it move.

Various Places here to

As it works out there are many places on this website where you have to opportunity to download or at least look at Google Analytics. You need a Gmail account but at that website you can read about what Google offers. Opening an account and registering your website or blog will enable you to see what people type in to find your website.

I see that most find this website aka blog by searching the name I have used which is Website Booster. Once you get to the Google Analytics you must take steps to verify that you have control of the website. Control to Google means that you have access to the HTML code. If you have access to it or can get someone to place a small code in the correct spot then the Google system program will find the code then you will have to add it to a couple other places then your done.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports are available all the time. The report will show you what countries visit and the key words used an more. Take a look a Google Analytics.

Keep changing keywords and you will increase your hits or visitors. Google offers SEO suggestions and that is how to increase your visitor count. There is also a small code you can down load off the internet and add to the HTML code. This allows you to add specific words to also get your website to rise in the ranks.

Google will explain that good content and titles will help you website rise in the ranks.

Linking your website to another or Backlinks

Great place to write a blog and then link other blogs to.

You will see the Hubdspages all over the web.
Look at HubsPages Click this link to read my story  
about how to tie your shoe laces. I use these blogs linking 
many of my websites or blogs. Oh well.

Faxing at Federal Express Kinko's

This is just an interesting observation. Federal Express
Kinko's does not charge for the cover page.

So I never send a cover page thus I am charged for one
less page. I write the name of the person to receive the
document on the top of the first page.