Raymundo Tello Pérez computer and laptop buyer

52-55-1510-2886 This is his cell number just so we are not mistaken on who i am talking about. 52-55-1510-2886

This person bought Motion computing gear from me a few months ago. He has refused to reimburse me $225.00 for shipping. In my opinion he is a bad person and is not to be trusted.
Thank you

415 758 1252  The phone number is a 
Google Voice Number.
Daniel Smith

Send an email to 

lyndialgyq@gmail.com    (copy the email to the left)

Tell them that you were expecting a check and it did not arrive. 
Tell them the box is ready but no money 
has arrived yet. Now the fun part look up the address for any 
FBI location or in the country. This guy 
I'd use any address in the NE part of the United States.
Then get the agents name or use any name. Send the bad guy 
this address. Then print out all your
emails to and from this person and mail them to that office.

What I did was i found the local FBI agent in charge name.
I picked a city far from me. I think in Chicago.
The office address.
I then emailed the bad guy that I lived with my step father. (above)
I then emailed him my address (above)
I then emailed the crook the information and asked that they
put on the check they're email address and address for the freight 


If you ever get an email or text and it isn't expected then do the
same maybe pick a city police rather than the FBI. 

This person's gig should be up in a few weeks.

Thank you

This email no longer works and phone is no longer working. 
happy that he has maybe some problems like he caused hundreds 
of unsuspecting Craigslist sellers.
thank you