A buddy of mine told me someone he knows sold something on ebay the buyer put in a claim in Paypal not within EBay. The sale took place six months ago. He got away with $250.00

Beware of scammers


An incredible business model.
Unbelievable home business.
This phone number is associated with a male that continuously calls me. 
A recorded voice tells that he makes $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 per month 
and he uses and lead generating system. I don't care.Oops sorry but I don't. 
He states after a 1.29 minute message that by tapping number 9 you will be
removed and no longer will call you. Well this is crap. The stupid auto dialer 
skips me for a few weeks then leaves a message with the same crap. 
The message does state everyone does not have the success that some 
do. Well then if you invest $1400.00 he will give you the secret and feed 
you leads. I'm not going to risk $1400.00 on this bone head. 

Feel free to call the number and listen to the message.
Maybe you have $1400.00 you would give him. Better yet maybe the feds 
can call him
and make him go away. 
Thank you

Interesting concept International ground.
Federal Express Ground.
Yet another scam.

From: FedEx International Ground
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2014 4:52 PM
Subject: Delivery information ID 00670307

Dear Customer,

Your parcel has arrived at October 20. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you.
To receive your parcel, print this label and go to the nearest office. 

FedEx 1995-2014

Scammer Notes 405-515-9375 December 2012

405-515-9375 This person is a thief or almost a scammer. 
So I have a laptop listed for sale on Ebay classifieds. The ad clearly states no shipping, 
no cod, no credit cards and no checks. I begin to get text messages from thieves. The 
person using a pinger  number that can only be used for text messages wants to buy 
the laptop. The person offers me my asking price. $345.00. I ask to meet me at a Starbucks
in my city and the person wants me to ship it. I agree if they pay by paypal. They agree.
I request shipping information to come to me via an email  or add it to the notes in Paypal. 

No money was paid to me and I did not ship anything. 

The ship to address is given to me in a text. A name and an address.
The address I search on the internet and the house is "for sale". Listed on Zillow. I 
search the name and I find that the man has been arrested NINE times since 2009. 
Sad but true. I will post the charges but not the name or the address. You have to be 
careful. DO NOT answer the text messages they are thieves. They will pay you with 
a bad check. The check you will deposit and  the amount will credit to your account 
but in a few days the money will suddenly be deducted and your item will be lost.

315 629 9601 funny the normal scam. Willing to pay an additional 
$100.00 for something that the "lady" wants shipped to her husband
in Africa and she happens to be in Canada. Dreamers. This person 
is scamming people and it is a shame. Beware.............08-09-2012. 
A Google Phone number.

December 9th, 2010 Scammer warning
Hello john, 
 Thanks for the quote, Below is the needed quantities 
Seagate ST9320320AS Momentus 5400.5 SATA 3Gb/s 320-GB
Hard Drive............20 pieces. 
l await to read back from you the total cost plus the shippinmg cost to my 
location. ( I await to read what is this type of English? Obviously no 
spell checkSHIPPING ADRESS (address misspelled
f141, 444 N Emerson Ave, Greenwood, IN 46143.

-----Original Message-----
From: mark sil []
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2010 5:21 AM

Thanks again
( Return email hmm 

Nope not in the mood to give anyway product today. So I copy the address into 
Google maps and they're no buildings at this address. maybe some rental storage 
buildings but not what I wanted to see. This person is trying to do bad things. 
Have to be careful.

Poo on this person

Received Nov 2010.

Dear %%CONTACT%%,

Thank you for using PayPal.
In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, the PayPal 
Merchant Solutions Department will be closed on Thursday, 
November 25, 2010.  We will resume normal business hours on 
Friday, November 26, 2010.
Happy Holidays!
PayPal Merchant Solutions  

© 2009 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. 
First St., San Jose, CA 95131.
What I think is that they or one person owns they all. What they do is get you to
pay the appraisal then stall you sixty days until the AMX or VISA bill is too late
to fight. They get you for the well me for the $375.00. They can do this 20 times
a month or more and make great money.

I have decided that I do not want to give out what I figured out. I give you 
everything here to figure out the information that I figured out. It is easy 
if you know where to look. Do the searches that I suggest and you can figure 
out it all it is easy. Actually very easy.
Oh well,
Be safe and do not believe it delete it if it is too good to be true.
Thank you Urban Cowboy

A scam.
An update. I sent these people a link to a blog for them to look at to see if 
they thought I should have it appraised to let them broker. The blog is 
on my Google AdSense and has been for months. All I asked this person 
to do is to look at it and check it out.

He promptly came back and said "This is stupid" I am in Sweden. I do not 
care about Atlanta. I said OK but I just wanted you to look at it and 
give me an opinion.  He came back and said " I did and it means nothing 
to me". An hour or so later I noticed that Sweden was not marked and 
thus it was not visited by anyone in Sweden. I used only initials to protect 
the innocent. They may not even be the right or correct initials. 
How to figure out the missing clues and come to the same conclusion that 
I did. read on,
I received an email about a domain name I own and the person sending the 
email to me thought that it is worth $5000.00. Awesome news. I had to get the 
domain  name appraised and at someone this person knew so that he would 
believe it. It had to be done by hand or by a real person. They guided me to an 
appraisal company and I will fully paid them $375.00 for their services.
A month went by and this person DF. kept sending me scripted 
emails as a response to my questions regarding updates on the sales process.

Meanwhile the American Express or Visa time limit is ticking on.

This morning I woke up thinking that they are probably the one in the same. 
I began the fight with American Express this morning and was within the 
time limit by a week. This person states that the auction runs 60 days and 
then they most likely tell you oops sorry it didn't sell.

What I would do is copy the email address into a search engine and if you 
see the words scam even once it isn't worth the chance that they are not
telling you the truth. It isn't worth loosing $375.00 to anyone.

What you do is copy the end of the email address and in F it is above two 
lines, Right click and copy from the @ to the end or from the end to the
@ sign. Paste it into your favorite search engine. Type a www. in front of it 
and see if there is a website at that domain. Let us guess there isn't then remove 
to www and from the 
@ to the end paste into your search engine then type

Then copy the into your search engine and then copy 
the words highlighted below in front of them and search. Do one at a time 
and you will notice what is going on. it is just a shell game. They are not 
buying and selling domain names what they are doing is making money 
on the appraisals. They then stall you till the charge on your credit card is
past the date that they will credit you back. 
Bingo gotcha.

He can find expired domain names or parked domain names and then find the 
owner as I showed you and they will email you and tell you the story. It is a
slick and easy scam. One person two
websites living out of the US. He is golden.   Search the Urban Cowboy

Registrar Name….:
Registrar Whois…:
Registrar Homepage:

F(at) I bet owns these (no longer 
what it was Great! All these websites are
hosted by Go-Daddy. All have recent renewal dates.
has no meta tags and no description so that the way you find the website is that
you are guided there. Stoke, Hamdon TA14 6PP
United Kingdom
Domain Name: www.RESEARCHAPPRAISALS.COM (now expired. scam over,
Created on: 23-Nov-09
Expires on: 23-Nov-10
Last Updated on: 23-Nov-09
Registrar Name….:
Registrar Whois…:
Registrar Homepage:
Domain Name:
Created on…………..: 2009-12-31
Expires on…………..: 2010
Created on: 07-Aug-09
Expires on: 07-Aug-10
Last Updated on: 07-Aug-09
New Spam thief What are these people thinking?
I am Captain. Matthew Stamford with the United States Marine Corps (USMC). 
Hard to believe but, I have $900,000.00, found at the start of Operation Khanjari 
on July 4 2009, in Poshteh Afghanistan. I need to move this money out to a safer
 place. Can I trust you to receive it on mybehalf upon its evacuation from Kabul?
 Contact me on
Lachapelle, Collin []
June 2nd 2010.

*This message was transferred with a trial version of CommuniGate(tm) Pro*
I am Claire Page sending you a letter from my sickbed in the hospital.Please contact
my lawyer ( right away for an urgent matter.God bless.
Always wonder about those that say "God Bless".

Have You Bid on SwipeBids?

Your cc is charged for the 300 coins you bought. I suggest always searching the web
for the name such as SwipeBid scam that pretty much will bring up what the real deal is.

April 20, 2010
I am sure the Chief Postal Inspector of the United States Postal Service Inspection uses
 AOL for his email.
Read below.

From Mr. Guy Cotrell.
Chief Postal Inspector.
United States Postal Service Inspection.
Date: 20 April. 2011.
This is to notify you that we have intercepted your ATM CARD, which DHL
COURIER SERVICE is making the delivery and we have stopped the delivery
process for some security reasons stated below:
1. Our scanning system has detected that your parcel contains a confirmable
ATM CARD above 1,500,000.00 USD.
2. Such ATM CARD coming from Africa/Europe/Asia is been verified by the
POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE which we have directed our inspection team
to proceed with the verification to ascertain the authenticity of the ATM CARD
and now after all the verification on the ATM CARD, having contacted the
issuing institution who made it known to our office that the ATM CARD is a
Genuine one and Not ILLEGALLY ACQUIRED. We have also forwarded the
Serial Number of the ATM CARD to the U.S Treasury
Department and they confirmed that the CARD is Authentic and ready to be cashed at
Any ATM MACHINES. Also for the Delivery of the Parcel to continue, you are
in obligation to obtain from Spain
a Duly Sworn Affidavit from Spanish High Court which will back up the Origin
of Fund. This is in line with the Anti-Terrorist Campaign which the USA Government
has embarked on recently to protect our Territory from future attacks.
You should therefore contact the sender of the ATM CARD or the DHL Courier
Agent in Spain to get the Sworn Affidavit for you while we wait to receive from
you the Affidavit File Number to enable us to forward your ATM CARD to
your address. Below is his contact information. Note that the cost of the Sworn
Affidavit is 218usd and do not hesitate to remit the amount to him.
Name: Mr. Dejan Malcolm Email address:
Tel: 011 34 603 127 774
We shall then forward the ATM CARD to you and you will be sure of a
genuine ATM CARD

We shall then forward the ATM CARD to you and you will be sure of a
genuine ATM CARD that is coming to you. We are doing this for your interest
considering the rate which Fraudulent and stolen checks/ATM CARD are been
sent to our innocent citizens that most Times put them in problem.
Always send your correspondences to our secure email,
Your urgent action on this notice will be appreciated.
Yours faithfully,

Guy Cotrell
Chief Postal Inspector.

The check I received was worthless.

I suggest having them mail the check to the
local police station
They are attempting to steal from you.
I assure you.
Thank you

ABOVE PHONE NOT Working maybe is in jail.

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