Pay Per Click Horror Story

I had been getting a Cisco Router that was wireless from one of my Atlanta customers and I sold them on EBay for $75.00. Well at websites they were available for $450.00 each. I wanted to sell them for the higher dollar.

I checked the search counter number and found that these were searched on the web about 500 times a month and the pay per click charge was about $0.60. So the cost if I activated the pay per click program to cost for a month should range from $250.00 to about $400.00. I can stomach that. I can cover the cost of the paid search and actually do better there. This was a few days before Christmas and my wife and I were traveling overseas for Christmas week.

I had the ad set and read it over and over and the night before we leave to go out of town I mashed the button and it was to be active during days only Monday through Friday.
That was that. We went to Barbados for a week.
Upon returning I saw in my email account over one hundred emails where as the amount of funding I had as a maximum had been used and the question was it alright that they drop another $500.00 into my account. The email stated if you do not want this to happen call the search engine or change it in the account.
I was sitting on the beach spending thousands on my AMX.
During Christmas that week for whatever reason and I suspect the IT people were bored waiting to go on holiday and they searched the web. During a seven day period Cisco wireless routers was searched 29,750 times and most clicked on my site. No one bought anything. My AMX bill was for $17,850.00. I called the search company and said what happened? Didn’t you notice I typically spend $700.00 and this past week I spent $17,850.00 doesn’t that seem odd? They said nope.
I fought them using AMX and the charges were reduced to $700.00. OMG. The refund process took three months. Pay per Click you MUST be careful.
Knowing what I know now then what I would suggest to anyone attempting to get more attention (hits) on the web site is to do both. Pay the search engine for clicks and figure out what the public wants when they come across your site. Check sales and or calls. Offer a code number that if they mention the code number they get a five percent discount and track sales.
I would at the same time read my the PROOF. Here I will explain in common language what to do to get your site higher in the ranks. It will take me time but I will fill in most of all the blanks. Now I offer the service that I use to rise my websites and or blogs to the first page of the search engines.
Here I show lots of proof. The website isn't flashy but it will explain it to you in a novice way. 
Read that blog and do what I suggest. I figured it out over about five years and ran my business at the same time. I promise it will help.