Free Virus Checker

It seems to me that since Microsoft came up with the basis of all software 
then they themselves should be in the software protection business. I 
guess they  stayed away so that Norton and others could make money.

The other day I downloaded a virus and my system is running at full tilt 
even though I am sitting idle. I ran all my free programs and nothing was 
found. A full scan of my drive and nothing turned up. Microsoft offers a 
free program Defender and it was not able to find anything.

Searching on the Microsoft download page I find a new version. I am still
using XP Professional and have not moved up to Windows 7 much less Vista.

To any respect I downloaded the new virus checker and it found a virus. 
My machine will now no doubt run faster. Yes.

Here is the link to the main page and here you can search for the version 
you need for your Microsoft O/S version. LINK
Either links get you to same place one is the introduction page and the 
other is the download page. Hope this fixes any problems you have while 
we all are trying to save money.

Thank you