Small Business Internet

T-Mobile Office Internet $50 a Month with autopay. 

I have been under contract with Comcast Infinity, $150 a month for two years. Fast speeds and reliable. Rain and shine everything was great. At the most five pc's and or laptops on my internet system.  Wi-Fi as well. We are here Monday though Friday from 9Am to 7pm never at night nor weekends. 

I use T-Mobile for my cell phone. Long ago problematic but those days are gone. I remember every time I passed a Starbucks I would get a dropped called. No longer an issue. 

T-Mobile Home or Office Internet came out and at $50.00 a month it looked interesting as my contract was running out. Six months remaining soon turned into a few months. I requested a T-Mobile Internet system. No charge it arrived. A week later we connected a few pc's to it and it was fine. Early this morning September 7th, 2022 Cancellation day finally arrived. We are now 100% on T-Mobile Home or Office Internet. 

Only online for an hour here we have run the speed test. Once everything is up and running with everyone here I will post new results. I know this early but look at the pictures. I run a super small business selling on eBay. Today is September 7th, 2022.

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Thank you

Here is a link to T-Mobile Home or Office Internet $50 a Month. Click Here.