FedEx Ground

 I have been loyal to Federal Express ground since 1987. My account number begins with a 1. We ship boxes daily. Destinations are to a business or a residence. Boxes weigh between 1 pound to 50 pounds. I have been comparing pricing for a few months. My conclusion is UPS ground costs less overall. I don't care about earning FedEx points I am after saving money. 

My account representative moved to a different department a couple months ago. I understand my new account representative is busy I get that but everyone thinks their problems are important and as time goes by well in my case it just infuriates me.

A few weeks ago I tried my best to get around the FedEx robot answering system and that was the most frustrating half hour of my life. A week ago I finally talked to someone about this and requested a call back.

I am going to make the switch to UPS in a week. Today is September 27th, 2022.

If I can show you how to save 15% to 25% off your FedEx ground bill overall would you change? The answer is simple and obvious. Labor costs are up as everything else in all businesses small or large. Saving 15% to 25% off your ship would be awesome.


Call back in October 2022

My new FedEx rep called me and sent me my new rates which sadly are worse than what I had. Now she has sent me the idea that using one rate is far better and again it is far worse. Using eBay FedEx and eBay announced great news an overall reduction in ground rate for all. Outstanding sadly UPS still beats FedEx with even faster shipping times. I'll pass on FedEx ground.

Thank you

I will post a link in a few days.

Thank you