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 Dear Customer

You sent a Payment of $ 390.00 to Pay Pal Coin base Inc.


Billing Support: +1(916) 888-9697

 Date : Nov 16 2021

Invoice ID: VJDR76599


We would like to inform you about your recent purchase of $ 390.00. This charge would appear on your statement as PAYPAL*COINBASE within 24 hours.


Delivery Information

Online Delivery


Payment Method: Debit Card

Amount: $ 390


Coin base Inc.

Buy Exchange Rate 1 BTC = $ 61,270.40

0.0064 BTC (Bitcoins)

$ 360

Transaction Fees

$ 30

Total Amount

$ 390


In case, you did not make this payment please call our billing support at +1(916) 888-9697 (Toll Free) to cancel. For cancellation or to make any changes or for any other issues contact the above mentioned support number.



PayPal Billing: +1(916) 888-9697