Supporting Local Businesses During COVID 19

A few days ago I talked to the owner of`the dry cleaner near my house. He and his wife recently had a baby girl. Once he told me all about his baby girl we moved onto business. In an middle class area of town his once booming business is failing. I agree everyone now is working from home and his business has slowed to a trickle. Most everyone is working from home and not getting much of any clothing dry cleaned.

I would like everyone in the nation to think about this and maybe once a month get some clothes dry cleaned. We depend on this business every week and now it is a non essential business. Spend maybe $50.00 a month getting clothing dry cleaned. We are all saving money on fuel for our vehicles and not going out as much so you know as I know we certainly can afford it. Tell them you aren't in a hurry so they can maximize the loads.
Thank you