BMW Windshield Molding Replacement

A 2012 BMW 328i Windshield Molding Replacement at the local BMW dealership was quoted as $627.00 for the rubber molding. The windshield
if broken during the process is my fault not the dealership's. Yes
near 285 and i75 in Atlanta recently quoted me this. The molding around
the windshield has dry rotted. Needs to be replaced.

A third party quoted me $750 to replace the molding.

The 2012 BMW 328i Windshield Molding can be found online for $35.00 to
$75.00. Not OEM. I am guessing.

I took the BMW to a local windshield replacement company and the molding
was replaced for $125.00 in two hours. The molding is not OEM but that's ok.

BMW and Mercedes Benz or whatever windshield molding needs to be
replaced call your local windshield replacement company.

Thank you