Tracking a Cell Phone by Number or ESN Number

Wanting to figure out where an employee or friend is by tracking the phone number or by ESN number is tough search. Most of the free programs aren't free. I tried a few without paying and I think they all sucked. Some were priced at $15 and some at $39.99.

I use the T-Mobile and on any plan you have there is a add on  The family plan
The plan costs $5.99 a month and is awesome. Gives you the opportunity to see within a couple hundred feet where the cell phone is. You then have the opportunity to set the phone to your number even though the text or call different number. They will have no idea until they get you VM recording. Texts they'll not know anything. Any options are limiting minutes, data and tests. Loose your cell then set the alert to text you when the phone is turned on. You then can send the thief a text message.

You can add this to employee cell phones or girl friend anyone.

This another reason to use T-Mobile.

Thank you