Dog Food Review 2019

No children but we have always had puppy children so the wife says. Chinese Shar-Pei's for years. The life span of a Shar-Pei is 9-11 years. Brandy lasted 10 years. One died at 5 years old.  Kidney failure.  Bosley.  Ozzybird passed away a few months ago at 8 in November 2018. A blue Shar-Pei. Kidney failure. Super sad.

We buy the top rated dry dog food. The top of the line wet food.  Best reviews. At we begin to notice the dogs breath is bad. Occasional with Ozzy and Bosley I switched them to a raw diet. Buying boneless skinless chicken breasts and putting them in a blender then adding bone meal and then bagging it all and freezing the bags.  Once every 25 days I prepare more food. Breath becomes clean and neutral but the damage has been done and they within a year or two die of kidney failure.
We fed our puppy children a dog food made let's say made by BB. 

I watched and read about Burt Ward aka Robin on the Batman show. He offers dog food dry and wet. All his dogs live 15 to 20 years. A non profit business. The Wards have money and don't need more so in my mind they care. They care about dogs and are not motivated to take short cuts and make more money. 

We have two west highland terriers. I had to prepay online at Walmart online to get a 35 pound bag of dry. $35.00 Last week I ordered a case of wet food from Walmart online. Picked the case of 12 a few days ago. $39.99. Today is January 14th, 2019. 

Our terriers had bad breath a week ago. I started them on Gentle Giants dry and within three days their breath is clean smelling no smell. They love the food wet and dry. 

We have come to the conclusion we killed our dogs by feeding them BB. I could cry even now that we cut our puppy children's lives so short by feeding them what we did. Should BB be BS? It is all the top rated dog food actually. Probably 99.5% of all the dog food wet or dry out there sucks. 

Today a week before Atlanta hosts the 2019 Super Bowl a vet asks Why are we feeding our dogs grain free. The doctor goes on to state that grain free reduces the chances of infections in dogs. Then he states that most all the infections are from the lamb, chicken and or beef not the grains.
I will never go the specialty dog food place to buy what they think is excellent dry and wet dog food. I never go to the big box pets store again either. I will now feed my puppy children fabulous food made by frigging Robin. The cape crusader. 

So if you love your puppy children and have friends that also have puppy children then please oh please check out the link below and give them a whirl. This dog food has obviously changed our dogs lives and ours as well. 

I remember in the 60's a neighborhood party at the circle a couple houses from where we lived. One guy kept pouring beer in a cup and a dachshund would drink it. Later on you could watch the dog walk and it's back end wasn't aligned with it's front legs. 
Once again the consumer is being screwed by the lousy dog food manufacturers.  Grain free is just crap. Yes sir it costs us more to get those nasty grains out of the food.

How many people that read this remember feeding the dogs in the 1960's? Hell they would eat anything from ice cream, peas, hamburger whatever you flipped on the kitchen floor without getting caught by mom. Dogs back then didn't die of kidney failure. They were fat and happy.

The dog food manufacturers are more concerned about profits than the dogs.