Cryptocurrency Investing 2018

Please read this whole page before clicking links. Unregulated and running 24/7. On the far right click view all. The highest price sorts to the top. The first is Bit20 coin is trading today May 15th, 2018 8:40 AM EST at $836,429.00. Once you get past that shocker then click on 24 hour change. Yescoin up 4063% in 24 hours. Investing $250.00 yesterday would have gotten you 2.9 million coins.
Forgetting the number of coins. Doesn't matter.
This matters,
$250.00 invested over 24 hours ago times 4063% Equals $10,232.00.
$50.00 invested over 24 hours ago times 4063% Equals $2031.00
Bunnycoin I invested pretend a week ago and I am up to $1987.00 after investing $500.00. May 20th I am still up to $1036.00 Personally I would sold it by now.
Look at coins here.   The link will open a new Google Tab.

On the far right of the page click view all. If you don't you will only sort the first 100.
So click again on the price tab. Sort bringing up the lowest priced coins to
the top. At the bottom of the page click to the 21st page. You will now see
coins priced at .000000600, Investing $10.00 a week in them all or a few.

Apparently first you must buy a tiny percentage of a bitcoin. then sell it and invest in lower priced coins.

2018 top Cryptocurrency brokers USA Link This will open a second Google Tab.

I pretend I began investing a week ago. I found this website and I add coins
that are trading at about .00000XX. I pretend $500.00 in each. I add them into my account. Here. The link will open third Google Tab. The portfolio page does not allow you toi save the investment amount of money so just to watch use the same amount for all.

Update: I had pretended I invested TTC Protocol. My $500.00 went up to $62,500.00 in six months. Today is October 11,2018.So I guess if you are lucky picking a coin you can make serious money.

Update: December 7, 2018. All my investments have tanked. I had pretended
that I had invested $11,000.00 in 22 various cryptocurrencies. In less than a year the value of my account as of today would have been $1084.23. Investing into anything that isn't backed up with hard core data or information is ridiculous.

Movie pass as an example sounds great if explained stating membership totals and early reviews however a loser.

Update: January 23, 2019. If I had invested real money I would be broke.
Update: April 20, 2019 My total value had I really invested $11,000 now is at $1,174.00.

Update: August 2, 2021 Well as I often have said you do not realize
the loss of any investment till you sell it. it has been a little over two years since I have checked this and well my portfolio is now worth. $518,661.09

Cryptocurrency is not based on anything. No earning report nothing. Just a name and an idea of future business.

Thank you