Investing The new Nasdaq

Tesla has announced a stock split. Five for one. Stock price is hovering at $2,000 per share. So most of us have money to invest and as an example $2,000.00. At $2,000 a share we'd get one share. Whoopie. At the end of August actually the 31st the stock split will occur and the stock will then be $400 a share. Five shares. Well I think anyone and everyone will buy it at $400 per share and in a two year period it will be back to $2,000 a share. Then your investment will be worth a cool $10 grand. Maybe in a few years it will do it again and again.

People talk about high risk high gain. Twenty two years ago I did great investing.
This is when Netscape was coming into play. Cisco before all the splits.
Now there is Cryptocurrency Investing.

My father asked me to explain to him what I knew about investing in the stock market. PE? he asked me umm I'm not sure. Something times earnings umm I'm not sure. So what the hell makes you think you'll make money he asked me as he sipped his Johnny Walker on the rocks.

Well look at the this and I opened the Atlanta Journal Newspaper to the stock pages. See here if I had 100 shares of this stock I would have made $200.00 today.

He then asked me what all the columns were. Volume high low pretty easy but he'd come back to the PE. I told him as I sipped my Bacardi and Coke You know I don't know and I don't really care. You see look at this I would made blah blah blah. 

In January 1996 I bought 300 shares of Cisco. CSCO at about $4.03 a share I was frigging thrilled. My father told me I was an idiot. February 1996 a 2 for 1 split. 12-97 a 3 for 2 split then 9-98 3 for 2 split then 6-99 a 2 for 1 then 3-2000 a 2 for 1. I had 5400 shares.  Then March 18th 2000 I panicked. It is at $70.00 a share I put a stop lose in at $65.00 and a sell at $80.00. Ten minutes later I freaking out and told my investment banker to dump it all now. In fact I told her to dump everything I had. I was luckily ten months before the
day of the big correction. Dumped my IBM, Motorola, Home Depot.
My father told me it was beginners luck. I told OK I can accept that.Thank you