AT&T U-verse TV Wireless Receiver

ATT U-Verse upped the bill $5.00 a month. So we have three TV's. One newer DVR receiver.  So they upped my bill five dollars and I will show you how to save $15.00 a month. Change out the receivers and once you buy install and verify it works then send them the old receivers.The DVR is ATT U-verse branded with the model number PH8005.
EBay click here $30.00 delivered. Three months investment back. Bill down $10.00 a month. Amazon click here. Nope not there.
On my additional TV's is a Cisco ISB7005 or PN: 4040836. Most are under $25.00 delivered. A couple months your investment is back bill goes down $10.00 a month.
Amazon click here. Nope not there.
Most are used on EBay. Spending under fifty dollars in three months your investment has paid off the bill will go down $20.00 but really $15.00 because it went up $5.00.

So I spent $180.00 a year for five years on two things I could have bought for $50.00. I suggest that you do this right away. I spent $900.00 over the five years. 
Guess you are still doing this. huh? 

We have signed up with Direct TV. Going through Costco we get one DVR at no cost forever. $300.00 cash back. Costco deal here.
Thank you