Microsoft Office Professional 2016

In the United States it is illegal to buy and sell Microsoft software with a keycode. Apparently not in Europe. Office Professional with the disk is $380.00 plus. On Ebay there is a seller with this listed for sale at $14.00. You need to log out of your Microsoft account and uninstall any older versions. You'd then buy it off Ebay. The instructions are simple. The seller emails you detailed instructions. The serial number is included. The software is downloaded from Microsoft then you merely put in the key code. The seller emails the buyer the instructions and key code with in 20 hours. The seller does not mail the disk.

I have included a link at the bottom of this post Here.
The installation has all the programs. If you search on Google for Ebay. Then enter the Ebay website. Next merely copy my header or this Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 the listing will come up. You can also copy this and search as well Microsoft Windows 10 Professional. $5.82. The seller in this listing has sold over 29,000 installations.  Well that seller on Ebay is in jail or vacationing at the beach.  Here.  

Searching on that header you will see one seller has sold 10,000+ copies.

The person I bought mine from is probably in Siberia. The link above is working again. The only thing I would do differently is have an account with Microsoft then one you download and install you  activate the software in your account. I didn't do this and in my laptop it is fine and on my desktop it isn't.

2973 installations have been sold. 1057 are watching. $13.35 total cost. As of March 10th 74 % have been sold. This one listing the person is selling 200 a day.

Let us look at this in a different point of view. Pretend you are on business or traveling and you are in Europe and you see this listing. You buy it and install the software. A few days later you return to he United States. Are you in violation of any Microsoft laws. I doubt it.

Works great. Installation is in any language you desire.

Watch this one minute movie showing an example
of why some people have died using 
Tesla Autopilot.

Thank you