Web Search in a Foreign Language

I have wanted to show everyone this for a long time but I have
been busy. This will broaden your searches and you will
think darn why didn't I think of this.

I have Google set up to open every search in a new window
so I do not want my first search to go away. You do that in Google
set up. I'm sure you either know that or can figure that out.

I then open a incognito window in Google. Upper right corner
on search but you can figure that out as well. I then close my regular
search page. I always use this because I don't want anything in my
history. I know I can delete history but....

I search translate and click on the link below the sample and a new
page opens. So for an example I want to find this.

fishing in iceland video. I change the language to Icelandic.
This is the translation veiði á Íslandi myndband

So use your imagination and type in any terms you want and
use translate to any language you'd like.
Next merely highlight the translated words on the
right side and search. Away you go.

Google will ask you if you want Google to translate. Click No.

Look for websites that you know are what you are really looking
for. Sometimes I will copy the description or title of the video
and then right click and dig further into the internet.

Always end your search term with the word video unless you
are after pictures.

Remember NO website can see that your machine is infected so
DO NOT install any fix it program from where ever.

I promise you will have see new websites. Some regular visited
website will pop up so if you'd like just copy and paste the
translated terms in there such as in YouTube.

Have a great day.