Downloaded and Installed Virus

I tried to find a patch to allow me to play a game on my
home computer. Well during this moment of stupidity I
downloaded and willingly installed a virus.

I think as I remember I was more caught up in the
excitement that I had found a patch. The patch from hell.

A day after I installed the patch my home computer began
showing the symptoms of a virus. My search engine changed
to search.com. At first Yahoo changed then MSN then Google.

Crap. Uninstalled the patch  Worthless move. Damage done.
No longer did I care about the frigging game. Minutes turned
into hours then days as I spent my free time battling the

Messing with the regedit deleting and deleting I finally installed
Zemana and this free trial cleared the issue up. Using Google
in forums I found a solution. Search for one line of code and delete
it. search.ch was gone.

Huge waste of time.
Thank you