Used Car For Sale Dealer Price Drop Atlanta

Lastly Cargurus is great to find a used vehicle. Cargurus had an option to check
the price history and time the vehicle was on the lot. I also checked the box
for drop in price. What a scam this is.
Most dealers do this. I took a screen
shot a while ago and this will show you the games they play. The picture
will tell you the full story.

Atlanta market on a 2013 Honda CRV EL is or was in October November 2016
$21,000.00 plus dealer fees plus taxes and tag. We all have to pay the taxes
and tag. Let us forget those costs for a moment. The price someone would pay
for the vehicle is what we are interested in. Off Lease Only in Orlando had a
2014 Honda CRV less than 22,000 miles and a clean car fax report.  $16,999.99.
Plus a $20.00 temporary tag. Two one way air fares Atlanta to Orlando airport.
Delta Air Lines $197.00 times 2 = $400.00.Wife and I. Summary.
$17,000+$20.00+$400.00=$17,420.00 minus $21,000 + dealer fees $650.00=
$21,650.00 subtracted from $17,420.00. Four grand. To me that is huge
money. A year younger CVR with under 22,000 miles $4,000.00 savings.
I am still very happy with my CRV I got from Off Lease only. If you buy a vehicle 
from them tell them the Honda CRV buyer from Atlanta sent you. Thank you