Federal Government Wastes Money

This link will just amaze you at some of the wasteful spending by the United States Federal Government. Politicians typically or generally don't care about the money they spend. They all have budgets in their area's and they just take advantage of it. Click these words to zoom elsewhere.

I believe the United States Federal Government needs to be run like a business. They tax us then piss away the money.  Trmp winning over Clinton was a shocker. Thank the blue collar workers and the millennials not the older citizens.

Illegal immigration

People living in the United States illegally or not registered are the ones that are killing the resources we the citizens are paying for. They do not have valid drivers licenses and no vehicle insurance. They're children go to public schools funded by the hard working citizens of the United States of America. I think that there should be a way for those living here and are not registered and do not have a Visa or green card should get a 90 day window to sign up. Low income earning non registered people living here are killing our economy. I would ask that the Federal Government allow illegals to go and sign up at a local city office. Finger prints and give them a temporary green card. They then need a sponsor to place a bond on them then they are on probation. Typically people do not get arrested so if they get arrested for anything they should be booted out the United States. Once the 90 day window passes any illegal immigrants are found must leave. We the United States must lock down our borders.

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