Cancelling a cell phone service Read this

Well I made an error. I have three cell phones. I canceled one cell phone and the number went away as well. I just did it one day on a whim. I could not justify paying for an additional line if I do not use it that much. I use it primarily for a hotspot and yes it has different email addresses on it.

I failed to change or add a alternate phone number and or an alternate email address to this Yahoo account. So back to Yahoo they noticed i'm using a different ip address to access my email. Oh NO Yahoo security thinks. Fraud. So now I can not access the account. I get a message that shows a cell phone and it sends a text to outer space. The text code I can't get. The help pages state click here to add or modify the alternate information but then the system brings up the text a code to your cell phone page. I feel somewhat encouraged but then bam I can't do anything. 

Oddly enough I can access Ebay and or Paypal and other websites but not Yahoo.
thank you