Black Lives Matter 2017

Black and white well actually all lives matter.

I am 64 years old and haven't been arrested. How many people that are 
involved in crimes for the first time? Who do you that has been arrested? 
Who do you know that has been arrested for drugs or fighting. 
Do you know anyone in a gang?. Drug issues and family problems. 
Drinking issues and no education. Gang issues and whatever.  Life is short 
and who wants to spend a good chunk of your life in prison.

We've all got to look ourselves and quit saying it is this or that. In most 
cases we all have had the opportunity to do good. We've had the chance 
to study and get an education but some have chosen not to . They would 
rather go out with friends and do drugs or drink. The internet brings all 
this most anyone's finger tips and available. Rob someone and take their 
money or vehicle.

How many times can you remember a death of a white person and all the 
whites in town get all vocal about it? Marching and causing issues? I 
am guessing most white people think if a white guy gets killed by
anyone then well crap he messed up and got his ass shot.   

Time in a local jail or in prison. Think your tricky and can get away with
whatever. You risk going to jail. The time you'd spend in jail may not be a 
big deal. They feed you three meals a day. They do your laundry. You have
the opportunity to exercise. The biggest issue I think is this. So pretending 
this. You steal a bag of cash or find a bag of cash with Five million dollars 
in a bag.

You get stupid and you get caught. You go to prison for five years. Awesome
you get out and a few days later you go dig up your bag of cash. Life is good
again. Now go back to the first day or prison. If you are white or you are black.
The prison guard takes you to your cell. You walk in and the metal doors slam shut.

You toss your prison crap on the floor. You stand there and introduce yourself
to your cell mate. He tells you this. I think your cute. The first night everything 
is fine. The next night he attacks you and beats you up. The next night the
same. The next night he rapes you. A week later he trades your ass to someone
for a pack of cigarettes. It isn't about the time it is the life.

This spring buy and lawn mower and mow lawns and make a decent living. 
Get a job unloading trucks.  This winter all you need is a snow shovel and 
dig out driveways. Lots of ways to make money with no education. Hard 
work and stay away from drugs.
Go into a thrift store and use a cell phone and look everything up on Ebay.
If the thrift store item is tested good and the item sells for $20.00 and you 
can buy it for $5.00 then buy it. List it ship it and make money.
Grow up and realize that life is short. 
Working at a job paying taxes for 35 years will get you a social security 
check of at least $2,000 a month.
Be kind to others and not only earn money but save it as well. Begin living
a good life.

I promise this to you.
Anyone you knew in high school, grown up with or 
attended college with, smoked weed with or sat next to in a bar. You 
will not talk to them in ten years. No one in a gang will be associated 
with you in twenty years. It just will not happen. 

No one cares about you more than you.

Stay away from anyone that isn't good at heart.
Stay away from people that would hurt someone else.
Stay away from drugs.
Stay away from robbers and thieves.

Help other people and don't expect anything for it.
thank you