Yahoo just Makes me Mad

So, Yahoo in there effort to protect us we must now turn on our 
cell phone to log in. I do not want to turn on my phone to get a
text message to access my  email. the option to enter my 
password the just want me to use my cell and I am not going to 
do it.

I am OK now with the Yahoo two step process works great the same 
on my Ebay account, Paypal Account, FB works great.

Sorry I wasted your time telling you this but FB and Yahoo just 
piss me off. Get on with it and let me access it. Use my ip to 
verify it is me. I type in the floating letters then they ask me to 
check my phone and they is just no way around it.

May 20, 2018: On my way home from my office and I get a message from Yahoo. Are you trying to log into your Yahoo email account? YES or No? I pull over and the message is gone. Funny! Someone had my user name and probably password but once they entered my user name and clicked the page to enter the password Yahoo sends a text. You then click either Yes or No. The intruder or POS doesn't know this is going to happen. Once the user name is entered then the second you click the "next" button to enter the password the text is instantly sent. The intruder or POS freaks and deletes the page. Game over. Stopped dead in their tracks. Awesome.

Let's swing over to FaceBook for a minute.

FaceBook . I am sitting in a hotel and my cell phone is in my 
hotel on the fifteenth floor. FB is a high tech website and they 
say OK this is easy. We will let you in when you identify one 
person that is your friend. Five pictures pop up and I don't 
know who they are. Pick the person that is Bob. Crap I don't 
know. I'd love for this to happen to 
Mr Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. 
Soap box back under my desk.